Gain and Retain Clients

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Getting more leads and revenue is the overall goal of all of our clients’ marketing campaigns. Many factors impact lead generation, from your visibility in the search results to your online reputation to the image you present to clients. While the first step is getting new clients, the second step is keeping those clients and generating more revenue from them.

It is possible to reach prospective clients through many different marketing channels. No one strategy is going to be your definitive answer to get more leads, which is why Page 1 Solutions offers your practice multiple options to earn business and maintain an ongoing relationship with your clients.

loyalty program marketing at Page 1 SolutionsLoyalty Programs: In a competitive space, retention is crucial to generate revenue. Loyalty programs engage current clients and drive returning business by getting them excited about their next visit to your office.

Page 1 Solutions offers print and digital loyalty marketing tools, including our LoveMyDoc mobile app and/or web browser portal for plastic surgeons, med spas, and other cosmetic practices. We help you create the structure of the loyalty program, from a one-time buy-in and membership card to an app that tracks the money patients spend at the practice and the rewards and savings they enjoy in kind.

An in-house loyalty program is a marketing solution you and your office staff can get excited about and easily manage at your front desk through a webmin portal. Your loyalty program may comprise multiple marketing channels, from the app and/or browser portal to print marketing to social media and more. Ultimately, we help you design the structure and promotion to reflect your practice brand.


event marketing at Page 1 SolutionsEvents: What better way to earn new business and maintain your relationship with current clients than by meeting them face-to-face. Promotional events are a way to personalize your practice and services through interaction with guests.

Page 1 Solutions assists you with promotion of the event, including digital and social media marketing, high-quality print invitations, and customized keepsakes that guests can take home with them. Party favors are nice, but the goal is to bring in new clients and drive returning business. A memorable event and promotional merchandise are designed to do just that!

The key to a successful promotional event is the number of leads you generate after. Whether you “prime the pump” with product and service demonstrations at the event or offer guests special savings on their next visit, Page 1 Solutions is your event partner dedicated to turning a great day or night into revenue for your practice.


virtual consultation services at Page 1 SolutionsVirtual Consultations: All practice websites feature forms that enable clients to schedule a consultation online. Page 1 Solutions takes this to the next level with our virtual consultation product.

Users who access the virtual consultation page on your website can identify their needs with an interactive graphic. When they enter their contact information, prospective clients can access content specific to their area of interest. Your practice manages the virtual consultation through a user-friendly admin login where you can customize interactive elements of the graphic, what content users can access, and links to related results.

Embedding the virtual consultation feature on your website helps generate qualified leads. By giving prospective clients the option to tell you their goals outside of a phone call, email, or online chat, the website user lays the groundwork. This makes it easier for you to address the specific services the client wants to know about and earn his or her business.

PPC advertising at Page 1 SolutionsPPC Advertising: All clients want to top the search results. First-page rankings are certainly important, but there is more than one way to achieve that goal. One strategy that secures prominent listings and drives leads is pay-per-click advertising.

PPC ads appear at the top of the search results page as sponsored listings. This is a major boon for practices pursuing high-competition queries that present significant difficulty for organic SEO. Our PPC Specialists manage all aspects of your campaign, from geo-targeting to bid adjustments.

Page 1 Solutions is a Google Partner. Members of our team have advanced training in Google Ads, and we develop and execute campaigns that deliver a high ROI on leads gained through paid search.

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social media advertising at Page 1 SolutionsSocial Media Advertising: Facebook and other social networks aren’t just for making connections. Organic social media marketing helps you build your brand and cultivate relationships with prospective clients, but paid social ads take this a step further by connecting your social presence directly to your bottom line.

Ad campaign options vary by the platform, but they are capable of aligning with nearly any marketing goal: driving traffic to your website, expanding your social reach, highlighting important news, and of course generating leads. Social networks like LinkedIn also enable you to build extensive, high-quality referral networks with fellow professionals.

Page 1 Solutions offers multiple social media packages and pricing options to fit your budget. Our Social Media Specialists have extensive experience with the leading social ad networks, customizing each paid campaign to boost your brand and achieve your goals.

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display advertising at Page 1 SolutionsDisplay Advertising: Online ads are everywhere. Most consumers tune out irrelevant ads, but they take notice when an advertisement connects with their needs and goals in the right place at the right time.

Display ads, retargeting and remarketing, and pre-roll ads empower your practice to provide compelling advertisements to prospective clients who show an interest in your service.

Page 1 Solutions manages display ads and pre-roll campaigns to engage users who visit your website or exhibit online behaviors that indicate a willingness to buy. Ads appear on websites in the Google Ad network (display/retargeting/remarketing) and at the beginning of videos on YouTube (pre-roll).

Display and pre-roll ads drive leads by presenting your practice as the definitive answer for the terms users search and the websites they visit in pursuit of a solution for their needs. Ads on prominent websites and video platforms enable your brand to stay top of mind with prospective clients – a major advantage when they are ready to find a provider.

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When reviewing these marketing services, it is important to realize that many strategies can affect how your practice gains and retains clients. It is also crucial to understand where business comes from, which is why Page 1 Solutions offers lead tracking services for phone calls, website form submissions, online chat, and more.

In today’s competitive marketing space, no single service option is going to be a “silver bullet.” That is why a multi-channel marketing strategy is crucial for your success.