Shannon Montoya

Vice President of Account Services

Shannon Montoya - Vice President of Account Services - Page 1 Solutions

Beginning her career within the "family" of businesses that surround Page 1, Shannon began working for one of our parent companies back in 1989. She came to work for Dan in early 2001 and became the first full time employee of Page 1 Solutions. She has done everything from search engine optimization, domain and email hosting setups, design updates to yes, washing dishes. Shannon has moved up through the company by working in almost every position Page 1 has had. She is now overseeing our outstanding Client Services team (which includes our Project Managers, Internet Marketing Consultants and Social Media Specialists) and loves every minute of it.

Shannon's guest contributions and appearances in marketing media include:

Shannon and her husband Gary have been a team since 1992. With two large American Bulldogs in the household, things are never boring. She enjoys cooking, the outdoors, kickboxing, taking photographs and designing jewelry. She always enjoys reading a good book and sipping on Chai Tea.

Need to talk to Shannon? Give her a call: 303-396-1261