Noel Cantner

Internet Marketing Consultant

Noel Cantner - IMC - Page 1 Solutions

Noel Cantner is an Internet Marketing Consultant at Page 1 Solutions. She is originally from northern Virginia and graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Media Arts & Design.

Noel’s career began while interning for a small SEO agency after moving to Denver in the fall of 2015. After becoming a full-time SEO Analyst there, she moved over to the SEO team at Page 1 Solutions. In May of 2018, she shifted roles again and transitioned into being an IMC.

“As an internet marketing consultant, I'm the point of contact for all my clients. My job is somewhat of a hybrid role between account manager, project coordinator and marketing consultant. A big part of my role is also client education. If the client doesn't understand anything I'm saying to them and it just comes out as confusing & meaningless marketing talk, then I'm doing them a disservice.”

After much hard work and dedication, Noel was named the May 2019 Page 1 Solutions Featured Employee. She also serves as a member of the Best Place Committee, which is in charge of organizing many of the fun P1S events and office activities. When she’s not working, Noel enjoys spending time seeing live music and snowboarding with her friends.