Kim Croy

Senior Project and Video Production Manager

Kim Croy is a Senior Project and Video Production Manager at Page 1 Solutions. She was born and raised in a small town in Wyoming before moving to Colorado. She worked at Crosspoint/Network Affiliates, one of our sister companies for over 22 years before coming to Page 1. Kim worked in the video and traditional media side of the business. She has done everything from client management and public relations to managing a shipping department and tape library. Her account management skills and attention to detail are a great asset to Page 1. Now she likes combining those skills with Internet Marketing and providing her clients with comprehensive recommendations on how to generate more business.

Kim and her husband have been married since 1989. They have 2 wonderful children who she enjoys spending all her free time with. Also in her spare time, Kim and her family enjoy ATV’s and camping.

Need to talk to Kim? Give her a call: 303-396-1270

Client Compliments:

You have been an asset to us! You are very organized and easy to work with. Dr. Bottger is very pleased! You are the BEST!

~Mary Jo at David Bottger, MD

Thank you for being persistent about the content. We are very pleased with the results. Kim is on it!

~Jeanine Truman at Karl Truman Law Office

THANK YOU so much. What a pleasure to have you on our team.

~Dr. Jay Orringer at

Thanks for the patience and extra calls and explaining and guiding. We are being well taken care of thanks to you!

~Jennifer Park at Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD

Working with your company and Kim has been an amazing experience. I am a very happy customer

~Rachel Roff at Urban Skin Solutions

You have been wonderful to work with. Thank you

~Heahter Baker Dobbs at Courtroom Warrior

You've done a great job for us!

~Kerry at Kirk Eye Center

I highly recommend if you use Page 1 to have Kim Croy as your point of contact, if possible! She is amazing!! We were with Page 1 for years and had okay service, to be honest. Once Kim took over, things started happening. She responds right way, is soooo super helpful and kind to work with. She is honestly why we stayed with Page 1 :)

~Courtney Karem at The Bougainvillea Clinique

I was at the Network meeting last weekened, and several of your clients mentioned how much they liked working with you! I certainly understand why.

~Jason Porter at Jason K. S. Porter, P.A.

Thanks so much for all you guys did with our site last week. You did a great job and I really appreciate the immediate attention you gave us.

~Libby Planz at The Cochran Firm

We appreciate all you are doing for us!

~Lynn Granskie at Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville

I appreciate your great service and advice!

~Colleen Stanley at Sales Leadership Inc

I've thoroughly enjoyed working with you and Page 1. Ya'll are a great company and the best people to work with.

~Trudy Flores at Woodhams Eye Clinic

I have to let you know that I am most impressed. So many years with the last company and never once did we talk through the keywords at this capacity, and never was any research done on keywords. So I am absolutely thrilled with the information you sent me. Thank you for being so thorough!

~Anne Duncan at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery

Thanks for all of your energy, enthusiasm and focus! I think you are doing a good job on all of our projects!

~Dr. Greenhalgh at Scott Greenhalgh, DDS

Just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with Kim. Thanks for making the changes. I really appreciate your help! Everything is a BIG DEAL right now, even things that aren't. So I really appreciate your help with it :)

~Jeff Hartog at The Bougainvillea Clinique