Dan Goldstein


Dan Goldstein - President & Owner - Page 1 Solutions

Dan Goldstein is the President and owner of Page 1 Solutions a website marketing firm for attorneys, dentists and doctors.

Dan joined Network Affiliates as General Counsel in 1993 after working as an attorney in Denver and Washington, D.C. In 1994, Dan took over Network Affiliates’ Medical Advertising Division. He directed the Medical Advertising Division for approximately 10 years until late 2003. In the mid to late 90s, Dan helped a number of clients develop websites and became interested in website marketing and search engine positioning. Since website marketing began yielding exceptional results for clients, Dan created Page 1 as a joint venture with Network Affiliates. In 2003, he purchased the majority interest in Page 1 from Network Affiliates and turned his full attention to Page 1.

While at Page 1, Dan acquired MegaHunter, LLC as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Dan is also the managing partner of personalinjury.com, which promises to become the leading resource for consumers to find personal injury lawyers and information about personal injury law.

Dan has written numerous articles, been interviewed and quoted by a number of journalists and given many presentations on Internet marketing at various conferences for attorneys, physicians and dentists.

He remains actively involved in the business of Page 1, focusing on research, content development and search engine marketing.

Dan enjoys karate, traveling, hiking, camping and keeping up on current events.

Need to talk to Dan? Give him a call: 303-396-1204