Ciarán "C.J." Redmond


C.J. Redmond is a former web designer turned data driven digital marketer. With 5+ years’ experience in the development of innovative digital marketing strategies for small to mid-sized business spanning multiple verticals.

Born and raised in Denver, with long stints overseas. During his freelance years he lived and worked in multiple locations around the world including Nepal, India, and South East Asia.

Out of all the places he’s been to, Nepal was the one that captured his heart.  He ended up getting involved in various community projects teaching locals basic computer skills. He also taught basic web design to guest house and small restaurant owners allowing them to obtain a presence online and target the many backpacker/trekkers coming through the area.

In his free time, he is always on the hunt for new international and ethnic cuisines. He has hit literally every taco truck on Federal (in one night), attempting DIY renovations on his house, (special shout out to YouTube and the local contractors from Craigslist!)  He also enjoys fly fishing, meditation, sketching, eating, eating, and more eating, as well as building and experimenting with the latest digital marketing techniques on his own website so that he is always on top of what gets clients results.