Brooke Henson

Internet Marketing Consultant

Brooke has a long history in marketing and public relations. Starting at Schenkein Public Relations agency in 2005, Brooke moved to a full-service national medical marketing agency where she stayed for nearly eight years. She spent four years in the PR department as an Account Manager, before being promoted to an Account Manager on the Marketing Account Services team. There she worked in a number of different medical specialties including radiology, medical testing, implantable device manufacturers, facial aesthetics, internal medicine and more. With the unique perspective of having worked in nearly all departments of an agency, Brooke is sure to bring great ideas and experience to the Page 1 Solutions’ team.


Published Articles:

Dental Compare: Should I Quit My Traditional Dental Practice Marketing Efforts?

Dental Compare: Ditch your mobile dental practice website and get a responsive site

Client Compliments:

"Many thanks, Brooke. I appreciate your hard work in getting everything resolved." ~ Michael Negru at Bright Smile Dental Care

"Thanks, Brooke. I got some good leads this week!! Yea!" ~ Bob Mandraccia at Plastic Cosmetic Reconstructive Surgery

"Oh man, that's a home run. Brilliant idea, Brooke! You have been awesome!" ~ Tony Castelli at Castelli Law Firm

"Love it! Brooke, you are soooo amazing, and I am so glad you are part of the VCPS family." ~ Kelley Garrett at Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery

"Things are going very well. Dr. Zeppelin has also given me very positive feedback on how he thinks things are going right now. Thank you!" ~ Traci Maier, also at Aspenwood Dental

"You have proven to be the best account rep we have ever had at Page 1." ~ Dr. Zeppelin at Aspenwood Dental

"You are so knowledgeable, and this is the first time I have felt like someone really cares about the site. You are as invested in this as we are. Thank you!" ~ Dr. Mark Crispin at Mark Crispin, MD

"I am very pleased with how you are working on my site. Zealous. I like zealous. Thank you for your efforts. I appreciate you." ~ John Polewski at Polewski & Associates

"AMAZING!! In only a day or two, you have addressed each of my concerns and issues. I am very impressed!! Thanks for a great job!" ~ Ed Brooks at Susskind & Almallah Eye Associates

"Unbelievable! THANK YOU!! I am so impressed with your knowledge and ability to follow through. I am thrilled to have you as our new account rep. I look forward to speaking with you more." ~ Nancy Warr at Warr Dental

"We are excited to be working with someone who 'gets things done!' The changes on our website look great. Thank you for making it happen!!!" ~ Ida Taft, also at Warr Dental