Display & Pre-Roll Video Advertising for Dentists

Online Display & Pre-Roll Ads for Dental Practices

Once a visitor leaves your website, do you think that’s the end of your opportunity to engage with them? Think again! Display ads and pre-roll video advertising give dental practices the ability to stay with valuable potential patients as they go about their online journey.

Marketing strategies support one another, and these remarketing/retargeting campaigns are no exception. Display and pre-roll ads augment efforts to drive website traffic, boost your online authority, and convert high-quality leads into patients. Ultimately, multiple marketing channels work together to generate revenue for your practice.

These ad campaigns leverage the power of some of the most popular websites on the Internet to get your practice noticed and generate leads. Call Page 1 Solutions for a free marketing evaluation to learn more: 303-233-3886.

Display Advertising

sample display ad - Aspenwood Dental Associates | Colorado Dental Implant CenterWhen you visit your preferred news website, you likely see advertisements along the top or the sides of the screen. How would you like other users to see ads for your practice on the same websites?

Display ads appear to certain users based on their online behaviors. Internet Marketing Consultants at Page 1 Solutions can help you build a targeted display advertising campaign that targets select users based on:

  • The search queries they use
  • The websites they access
  • Where they live and work
  • Demographics, including income, age, marital and family status and more

By understanding what your optimal patients do online, our team can create and execute ad campaigns that align their behavior and characteristics with advertisements for your services. These display ads drive traffic to your website and leads to your office.

Retargeting and Remarketing

Display ads appear on websites within large advertising networks. One of the demographics a display ad campaign can target is users who visit your website.

Special tracking code on your website makes it possible to target ads to users who have left your site and “remarket” to them on other domains within the ad network. The ads make your name a familiar one to potential patients, increasing the likelihood that they will visit your office when they’re ready for service.

Much like inbound or database marketing, display advertising (including retargeting and remarketing strategies) continues to drive awareness of your practice among prospective patients outside of your website. Display ads do this through segmentation of used based on their online activities, while inbound strategies rely on automated email marketing.

Video Pre-Roll Ads for Dentists

What’s one of the biggest websites on the planet? YouTube. And though advertising on such a popular platform might seem expensive, YouTube and its ad network is as powerful as it is affordable.

Once again, the campaign targets users based on their behavior and demographics. Instead of a static ad, though, they see a 15-20 second video clip at the beginning of advertising-enabled videos on YouTube and other websites.

sample display banner ad - Aspenwood Dental Associates | Colorado Dental Implant Center

Pre-roll advertising takes your custom video gallery to an engaged audience without requiring them to visit your website or access your YouTube page. The most effective ads are quick and digestible, and you only pay if the user watches the entire clip.

When users watch your ads, they will be aware of your practice, including your personality and your services. Considering the interest they already exhibited to see the ad, this makes them more likely to buy.

Why Should Dentists Invest in Display, Retargeting/Remarketing and Pre-Roll Video Ads?

Each of these innovative marketing options is significantly less expensive than the costs associated with traditional media placements in magazines and on TV, let alone what major websites charge for static banner ads. Furthermore, our team works closely with you to identify the users most likely to become leads, enhancing your ROI from the very beginning.

Find out how display and pre-roll ads can benefit your dental practice by calling 303-233-3886 today! Your initial consultation with our Internet Marketing Consultants is free!