Display & Pre-Roll Video Advertising for Cosmetic Practices

Online Display & Pre-Roll Ads for Doctors, Surgeons & Medical Estheticians

Internet users thinking about plastic surgery don’t just visit your website and make an appointment. They likely go to your competitors’ websites, not to mention engage in regular online activities like visiting news sites and watching videos.

These external websites present a multitude of opportunities to drive awareness of your practice among prospective patients. You can leverage the popularity of these sites and drive leads through display ads and pre-roll videos.

Online ads take many forms. Combining digital advertising with other marketing services enables your practice to build your online visibility, boost your search rankings, connect with prospective patients, and drive traffic to your website. All of these strategies work toward an overarching goal: generating high-quality leads, more conversions, and increased revenue for your practice.

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Online Display Ads

You’ve likely seen advertisements on the top or along the sides of your favorite news and general interest websites. You might be surprised to learn that these ads could be targeting you based on your online behaviors.

With a display advertising campaign, team members at Page 1 Solutions help you set parameters to target users who demonstrate an interest in your procedures and services. These parameters can include:

  • Visits to specified websites
  • Search history
  • Their geographic location
  • Demographic information such as age and income

Page 1 Solutions partners with large ad networks to provide you with the widest range of display options. Precise targeting helps us hone in on your ideal prospects, increasing your leads and maximizing your ROI.

Retargeting/Remarketing Campaigns

Online display ads don’t just appear in front of a desirable user once and then disappear. By enabling tracking code on your website, users will trigger multiple ads promoting your practice as they browse the Web.

Retargeting or remarketing campaigns help your name become almost inescapable within the ad network. As your ideal patients move through the buyer’s journey, or simply go about their day-to-day online activities, your ads effectively “follow” them, consistently keeping your brand top-of-mind.

Ultimately, retargeting/remarketing is a way to remind potential patients that you are just a click or phone call away. A similar strategy, inbound or database marketing, builds trust through custom content and personalized email, while display ads help you connect with users by tapping into their behaviors online.

Video Pre-Roll Service for Plastic Surgeons & Cosmetic Doctors

Few marketing tools are more powerful and versatile than a video library of custom clips. One option for driving users to your website and converting them into leads and cases is a pre-roll video advertising campaign.

Like display ads, pre-roll video campaigns target users who exhibit interests and behaviors that, according to their search history and browsing habits, make them good potential patients. Users who fit these specifications will see your ad at the start of select videos on YouTube and other platforms.

Ads are typically 15 to 20 seconds long, making it very important to select a brief, impactful video that communicates the important aspects of your practice. From scripting to shooting to editing to positioning, Page 1 Solutions can help you make the best pre-roll ad with our video production services.

You only pay if a user watches your ad in full. Those who do see your ad in its entirety will be more familiar with your plastic surgery and cosmetic services, making them more likely to convert into leads.

Why Use Display Ad and Pre-Roll Video Marketing?

Display and pre-roll advertising is an effective way to build visibility for your brand. Think of them like the online equivalent of newspaper and magazine ads and TV spots, only much more affordable than the traditional online options.

Unlike off-line advertising, display and pre-roll video ads also give you the opportunity to target your most valuable leads. Rather than pursuing a mass audience, you’re marketing to a select group who is more likely to be interest in your services.

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