Display Advertising & Pre-Roll Ads for Attorneys

Online Display & Pre-Roll Advertising for Lawyers and Law Firms

Users trying to find an attorney online don’t exist in a vacuum. They flock to a countless number of different websites, and it is crucial for your law firm to stay prominent in their minds.

Display advertising and pre-roll video ads both fulfill this need. By “sticking” with users based on their search and browsing habits, these ads improve your visibility among prospective clients in a way that previously required massive advertising budgets.

Display ads, remarketing/retargeting, and pre-roll video advertisements all amplify your marketing message. When combined with multiple marketing strategies, they improve your rank, boost website traffic, enhance your reputation, generate high-quality leads, and drive more revenue for your law firm.

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What Is a Display Advertising Campaign?

Chances are you see one or more ads when you access a local news website or favorite general interest site. Though they might look like static advertisements that anyone visiting the website would see, there is a real possibility that those ads were intended for you – or, more accurately, a visitor like you.

One of the key advantages of display ads is the robust targeting available to advertisers. Some of the parameters available in a display campaign include:

  • Queries users enter into search engines (search history)
  • What websites they visit (browser history)
  • Geographic locations
  • Demographic characteristics

The more targeted your display ad campaign is, the more likely the most valuable prospective clients will see the ads. Page 1 Solutions works with robust ad networks to create custom, targeted display advertising campaigns for our clients. By understanding the exact user behaviors and characteristics you want to target, our team members can determine the optimal locations for your display ads and maximize the return on investment for your ad spend.


In some cases, you might see ads for the same business appear on more than one website as you surf the Internet. Whether you intend to buy from the business or not, you likely remember that ad. It might even have influenced a purchasing decision at a later date.

The ads you keep seeing are part of a display campaign known as remarketing or retargeting. This strategy can help your law firm stand out and be remembered by prospective clients.

Retargeting campaigns employ tracking code on your website that follows users as they move around the Web. Much in the way inbound marketing campaigns keep your brand in front of prospective clients via high-quality email, remarketing campaigns display ad content to remind users at every stage of the buyer’s journey that your firm is ready for their call.

Pre-Roll Marketing: Visibility through Video

More and more online content is video. Like display advertising, pre-roll ads capitalize on user habits to enhance your visibility among potential leads.

Pre-roll ads appear at the beginning of a video on websites like YouTube. Your marketing campaign travels with target users who manifest an interest in your services through their online searches and behavior (example: visiting your website). Seeing your ad at the start of a video gives these users the opportunity to experience your brand on a website and in a format they love, improving your visibility among prospects who are already considering legal services.

Ads are typically 15-20 seconds. You only pay if a viewer watches the video to the end.

Benefits of Display and Pre-Roll Video Marketing

The best ads make the business stand out. Pre-roll and display ads go beyond this, helping attorneys:

  • Reach a large but very specific and well-defined audience
  • Build brand awareness
  • Stand out among competitors through repeat exposure
  • Be in the right place at the right time in the buyer’s journey
  • Drive conversions

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