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Web Design Digest: Dental – March 2017

By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist

Abraza Dental & Braces in Las Vegas, Nevada, strives to show patients that excellent dentistry can also be affordable. Recognizing that many patients take to the Internet to find a dentist nearby, the practice collaborated with Page 1 Solutions to create a website that immediately communicates affordability and quality.

Let's see how the custom website design for Abraza Dental & Braces communicates this message.

Abraza Dental & Braces

Family dental care is a priority for the practice. The new Abraza website presents this theme with photos of multiple generations, from children to seniors, in a series of banners appearing on each page. The family-friendly custom graphics also preview the types of treatment Abraza Dental & Braces offers.

Web Design Digest: Dental – February 2017

By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist

Houston dentist Ronald W. Konig, DDS, FAGD, LVIF, FIAPA, is a longtime client of Page 1 Solutions. When he decided to collaborate with us on a redesign of his practice website, Dr. Konig made it a priority to communicate visually the benefits dental health has on patients' quality of life.

The redesigned website for Konig Center for Cosmetic & Comprehensive Dentistry presents the many benefits of comprehensive dental care in a compelling new format. Let's take a look at the difference!

Web Design Digest: Dental – December 2016

By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist

Page 1 Solutions marked the end of 2016 with the launch of two new dental websites. Though they are located in different parts of the country, both of these practices present an approachable image with a host of custom design features.

Let's dig into the new year by taking a look at the new websites for our latest clients in the dental field.

Web Design Digest: Dental – November 2016

At its best, every smile should shine. One American city that is no stranger to shine is Las Vegas, the home of cosmetic dentist Dr. Jorge Paez and Nevada Dental Esthetics.

The night skyline of this destination city is a breathtaking backdrop for any business, and it features prominently in Dr. Paez's new Web design. However, the glitz of Las Vegas is only one component of this dental website. Let's see what other features await users who access the site.

Nevada Dental Esthetics

For Dr. Paez, exceeding expectations is the mission of his practice. That same mindset is apparent throughout the practice website itself.

Client of the Month: Dr. Paul Sussman

Dr. Sussman has been practicing dentistry in the Rochester, New York area since 1981. He graduated from the Washington University School of Dental Medicine with a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree in 1979. Dr. Sussman's credentials also include advanced neuromuscular dentistry training in esthetics and implants form the Las Vegas Institute (LVI). Through this and other educational opportunities, Dr. Sussman brings advanced experience in multiple fields of dentistry, including dental implants and treatment of TMJ dysfunction.

Web Design Digest: Dental – August 2016

The goal of any dentist's website is to bring the practice to life so current and potential patients know what to expect when they arrive for an appointment. The new website for Museum Smiles simulates both the look and feel of the patient experience through its user-friendly new website.

Let's look at the factors that define this eye-popping new dental website:

Museum Smiles

Dentist Dr. Sheri Audu loves the vibrant atmosphere of Fort Worth, Texas, and she strives to bring this environment into her office. Her new website reflects this via a bright color scheme that highlights key components such as patient reviews and a sidebar graphic featuring links to content on some of the most common features users access, including insurance and financing information, downloadable forms, and FAQs.

Web Design Digest: Dental – July 2016

Results – they drive the marketing of every dental practice, and they are among the foremost factors patients take into account when choosing a provider who can enhance their smiles. Last month three of our dental clients debuted eye-catching new Web designs that highlight spectacular smile results in a comfortable, modern online environment.

Here's a look at the new designs for these dental practice websites:

Web Design Digest: Dental – June 2016

Comfort is often just as important as quality care when selecting a dentist. The following dental practices recognize this principle and made an inviting aesthetic part of their new website design.

Read on to discover how these diverse dental offices set out to make patients feel at home:

Wood Creek Dental

Dental Website Design - Wood Creek DentalEarthy tones and custom photography are the focal point of the Web design for this upstate South Carolina dental practice. Visitors drawn into the site via the soothing color palette will see a rotating series of photos showing the homey, welcoming interior of the Wood Creek Dental office.

Web Design Digest: Dental – May 2016

Exceptional Dentistry, a longtime client of Page 1 Solutions, debuted its new practice website design last month. The redesign embodies the spirit of this Iowa dental practice by combining the approachability of a heartland office with the commitment to innovation that has made Exceptional Dentistry a favorite for patients in and around Dubuque.

The contemporary new look highlights some of the most popular services offered by the practice through next-step graphics. It also provides convenient access to the Smile Gallery, which contains samples of the outstanding work the dentists have achieved for patients

Users who access the Smile Gallery can often get a full picture of the treatment a patient received. Many of the galleries feature not only before-and-after images of the interior and exterior of the mouth but a photo of the patient’s face as well to show the impact of advanced dental care on an individual’s overall appearance.

Case Study: Long-Term Benefits of Custom Slideshare Content

A platform created by LinkedIn for sharing professional presentations, Slideshare is a tool that transforms regular Web content into powerful, interactive showcases that give users access to digestible snippets of information at a rate that is completely self-paced. Here's a look at how Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry in Boston, Massachusetts, has continued to earn increased leads and catch the attention of Web users around the world with a custom Slideshare presentation published in October 2014.