Custom Content for Dentists

Web Content Development for Dentists & Dental Practices

Patients need to trust their dentist before they even think about making an appointment. At Page 1 Solutions, our custom copywriting focuses on building rapport with visitors to your website.

Our copywriting for dentists is different because:

  • Our content is designed to generate leads for your practice
  • We write content that explains what sets you apart from your competitors
  • Content describes your services in a relatable way for the patient’s needs; we stay away from overly technical explanations
  • High-quality content is the cornerstone of search engine optimization; we write content based on the queries that bring traffic to your website

Quality content is an asset for multiple marketing goals, including more first-page search rankings, more website traffic, more visibility for your practice, and – crucially – more patients and fee-for-service procedures. Ultimately, the goal of content marketing as a whole is to drive high-quality leads and convert them into cases that generate more revenue for your practice.

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What Content Is Right for My Dental Website?

Your patients have a variety of different needs. They might come to your website to educate themselves, or they might learn about you later after reading up on a specific dental problem or procedure.

Infographic: Content for Each Stage of the Customer Journey

Because your patients are different, your content strategy needs to be different, too. Copywriters at Page 1 Solutions closely evaluate your search performance and other marketing strategies to devise content that effectively promotes your practice.

Options may include:

Long-Form Pages & Blog Posts

Standard Web pages and blog posts are brief and digestible, but more detailed content establishes you as an authority. Users also tend to spend more time on pages with a higher word count and more comprehensive information.

Your priority practice areas are often the best candidates for long-form pages and blog posts. Not only does the long format provide a suitable vehicle for addressing queries users enter into the search engines, but it also serves as a resource for answering the questions patients ask you directly.

Visual Content

custom visual content for cosmetic dentistsThe proliferation of digital marketing tools means that the visuals on a website or social media go well beyond simple pictures. Make no mistake: Custom photography of your office and your team is crucial for personalizing your practice to potential patients. But, you can also convey information in an engaging format with content such as:

  • Infographics: Think of charts and graphs made vibrant and unique to your practice with your color scheme and imagery.
  • Slideshare presentations: LinkedIn is more than a tool for connecting with fellow professionals. It also acts as a platform for PowerPoint presentations and PDFs.
  • Quizzes: Help potential patients assess their candidacy for the dental treatments you want to perform. Online quizzes are assets you can embed anywhere on your website, from priority practice area pages to your newest clob posts, to boost engagement.

Strong visuals provide a focal point for website visitors, many of whom are scanning your content rather than reading it thoroughly. By highlighting important information with visual content, you will ensure that they see the important points, making it more likely that they will contact you when they are ready to book an appointment.

Video Blogs

Custom video has many applications on your practice website. Our copywriters can draw attention to your latest clip with blog posts that describe the topic you discuss on camera.

The video itself is the focal point of the blog post. However, text surrounding the video provides additional context, helping with SEO and even guiding visitors to areas of the website that explore the service or issue in greater detail.

Press Release

Pages 1 Solutions partners with leading media distribution companies and forms contacts with journalists to earn coverage for our clients. We write off-site content that gets your news featured simultaneously on the feeds for many prominent national and local publishers.

Some of the most common press releases we write for dentists include:

  • The addition of a new practice area or service
  • Hiring of a new partner or associate dentist
  • Participation in community events
  • Awards and recognition from leading dental organizations
  • Completion of specialty or fellowship training

Our copywriters are well-versed in AP Style. We create quality content that is written in a way that speaks to reporters.

Off-Site Content

Content that mentions your name and links back to your website is a great way to get noticed by patients and search engines alike. In addition to press releases, our team members scour the Internet for opportunities like:

  • Media coverage: We pitch our dentists as experts for stories covering a variety of dental topics.
  • Guest blogging: We research online publishers, create accounts for you and collaborate with you on quality content contributions.
  • Off-site posts: From forums to community websites, the Internet provides many opportunities for getting quality links. Our team identifies opportunities relevant to your practice, location and more.

Developing Content Marketing Strategies for Dentists

The most important facet of online content today is engagement. If your website is more engaging than your competitor’s you stand a good chance of generating leads and cases.

The key is generating quality content consistently. That’s where Page 1 Solutions helps you.

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