Social Media Marketing for Dentists

Effective Social Media Strategies for Dental Practices

Pinterest post by Forestream DentalThe time is now to start using social media to market your dental practice. After all, your patients are using the same tools to show off their smiles.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more can help you build rapport with patients. You can also use paid advertising on these websites to generate more leads for valuable cases like cosmetic dentistry procedures, dental implants, TMJ and more.

Social media strategies are multifaceted, working with a variety of marketing channels to amplify your message to prospective patients, drive website traffic, boost your reputation, and gain and retain patients. Ultimately, these strategies work together to generate high-quality leads, convert them into patients, and earn more revenue for your practice.

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Many patients struggle to put a friendly face to their dentist. Facebook is a robust social media platform that enables you to put a smile on your patients’ face by sharing pictures and video, getting involved in the community with comments on posts by other users and pages and taking other steps to stand out to people seeking dental care and cosmetic services.

Our social media specialists optimize your Facebook page and add personal touches to appeal to new and current patients. The steps we take include:

  • Updating your page to include important information like address, phone number, hours of operation and a link to your practice website
  • Writing compelling content for the About and Services sections to communicate what you do and how you do it to prospective patients
  • patient appreciation post on Facebook from Cosmetic & Esthetic DentistryStreamlining the look of your page so your Facebook profile looks and feels like your website design
  • Posting photos of your team members and the inside and outside of your office – this content humanizes your practice and encourages users to engage with you
  • Discussing applications for custom video – ideas include one-on-one interviews with your dentists and staff, patient testimonials and more
  • Monitoring and maintaining your online reputation – patients pay close attention to reviews when finding a dentist, and a high score with up-to-date reviews can persuade your social media contacts to contact your office
  • Regularly posting high-quality content – from sharing your blog posts to highlighting special offers, our team promotes your practice and cements your authority with frequent and relevant posts

In addition to organic activity, paid ads can also help you stand out on Facebook. Our specialists identify high-value users who are likely to convert, then launch and manage targeted campaigns to achieve a variety of marketing and lead generation goals, including:

  • Drive qualified traffic to your website
  • Get more users to engage with your Facebook posts
  • Increase visibility for key selling points and special offers

Your partnership with Page 1 ensures that you will receive detailed reporting on Facebook campaigns. We show you the ROI on social media spending.

48% Increase in Facebook Followers - Actual Client Data


Twitter is an ideal platform for quick-hit announcements and updates. In up to 140 characters, our social media specialists can help you share:

  • Website updates such as your latest specials, new team members and recent blog posts
  • Community activities in which you and your staff participate, such as school visits, local events and conferences
  • Sharing and resharing content from other users, including patients and experts in the dental field

Influencers are a coveted set of “super-users” on YouTube who have large followings. Page 1 Solutions helps you build your authority on Twitter and connect with influencers through tactics such as:

  • Retweeting relevant updates from influencers and other highly visible accounts
  • Assessing trending hashtags and integrating them into your tweets
  • Building and maintaining lists to keep track of updates from different organizations and influencers
  • Bookmarking select tweets through the Favorites feature to connect with other users and their content

Like Facebook, Twitter enables you to build the online presence of your practice and establish both your approachability and authority to potential patients. Building connections and engaging with influencers can increase your visibility among a much bigger audience.


Desert Smiles post on InstagramNo attribute is associated with a great picture more than a perfect smile. Instagram is all about showing over telling, and Page 1 can help you leverage this photo-sharing website as a marketing tool.

Examples of visual content that resonate with users on Instagram include high-quality photos such as:

  • Pictures of your patients (with consent!), including before-and-after photos, candid images of their office visit and more
  • Custom graphics announcing special offers
  • Photos in the office and at local events – encourage your team members to take lots of pictures!

You can also post brief video clips on Instagram. Our social media specialists can discuss a number of options for custom videos on the platform, from office tours to procedure overviews.

In addition to providing guidance on high-impact posts, Page 1 also helps you manage and get the most from your account. You can rely on our team members to:

  • Post an engaging profile photo
  • Write a compelling description for your account
  • Include key details like your website, phone number, location and information about your practice and services
  • Write punchy descriptions to accompany your post, including relevant hashtags to bring your activity to the attention of the most users

Posting on Instagram is fun and easy. When you work with Page 1 Solutions, we help you get the most out of this popular platform through capable account management and engagement efforts to gain the attention and trust of potential dental patients.


As a dentist and business owner, you’ve worked hard to establish your professional credibility. No social media platform offers professionals a better opportunity to present their credentials and make connections than LinkedIn.

Team members at Page 1 Solutions help you make sure your LinkedIn is complete by:

  • Confirming details about your background, including your education, previous roles, professional appointments, accomplishments and certifications
  • Updating your profile with relevant medical and dental news, your whitepapers and presentations, posts from your website and more
  • Identifying and joining groups relevant to your dental specialty and interests; participating in group conversations can help you build authority among fellow professionals on LinkedIn
  • Writing and sending InMail messages to influencers and other valuable connections

Page 1 Solutions helps you build authority on LinkedIn to drive visibility among a professional audience. A complete, active LinkedIn profile can help you stand out among colleagues in dentistry, as well as educated, career-driven users within the community you serve.

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Social Media Ads

Organic social posts can bring your practice to the attention of scores of new patients and enhance the connection you share with users on the platforms they use every day. If you want a leg up in driving website visits and leads, paid social advertising is a key tool to bring new patients to your practice.

Facebook Likes campaign ad for Contemporary Cosmetic Dentistry - Dr. John SchmidOur social media specialists have experience creating successful paid campaigns on leading platforms, including:

Facebook Ads

In addition to its popularity as a social networking site, Facebook has incredibly robust advertising functionality. From dental practices with multiple locations to solo dentist offices, our team members can customize campaigns to fit your budget and flexibly adjust what you spend.

Some of the paid Facebook advertising campaigns we run for our dental clients include:

  • “Likes” campaigns: Build your popularity by pointing users to your page and gaining more fans who can see your updates and interact with your posts
  • Clicks-to-website: Drives visitors to your website and/or dedicated landing page
  • Boosted posts: Highlight important updates about new services, specials and more by standing out in the news feeds of select users

Our social media specialists can discuss your best Facebook campaign option, as well as the demographic and user behavior characteristics that are most likely to help you drive leads and grow the name of your practice.

40% Increase in Facebook Impressions - Actual Client Data

Twitter Ads

Advertising campaigns on Twitter can help you reach more users with your tweets. At Page 1 Solutions, we help you define the parameters of your campaign to reach a small, select audience or a wide range of users.

LinkedIn Lead Gen

The ad platform on LinkedIn works much like database marketing. When users engage with your ad, they have an opportunity to receive premium downloadable content by submitting a few low-commitment details. Many fields are auto-populated based on information from the user’s LinkedIn profile.

Users who interact with your ad are saved in a database. Team members at Page 1 can execute custom campaigns using follow-up emails, newsletters and more to cultivate your relationship with these prospective patients, encourage them to visit your website and (ultimately) schedule an appointment.

For detailed information on pricing and packages, please visit our page on social media marketing services.

Whether you are already passionate about marketing your practice on social media or you’re a newcomer to this area of patient engagement, Page 1 Solutions can recommend a host of strategies across several platforms to help your dental practice stand out socially.

Discuss organic and paid social media options that fit your budget and goals by calling us at 303-233-3886 for a free review of your marketing, website and more.