Dental Website Call Tracking

Website Design and SEO for Dentists

Your dental website must generate new leads for your dental practice. But how do you know how your website is performing? Tracking leads is one of the most important ways of measuring your dental website's effectiveness. At Page 1 Solutions, our SEO for dentists program includes a FREE telephone call tracking number for your website.

Here are some common questions and answers regarding call tracking for dental websites:

Do I need to use a Designated Call Tracking Number?

Telephone calls are the most valuable leads your website must generate, and it's also essential to track these calls.  Call tracking, email and chat lead monitoring should all be utilized to measure the success of your website and whether it's generating revenue for your practice.

Are Multiple Call Tracking Numbers Useful?

Yes, if you market multiple websites, invest in SEO or pay-per-click advertising/landing pages, or pay for other online campaigns. Knowing the results of your various sources of internet marketing is used to identify your ROI and provide the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about where you invest your marketing dollars.

Must I Use A Toll-Free Number for Call Tracking?

No. You may use toll-free or local phone numbers.  In many cases, visitors prefer to speak to a local resource and firms don’t want to market at the state or national levels. We can help you decide which type of phone number is right for your dental practice and demographic. 

How Much does Call Tracking Cost?

As part of a dentist SEO program at Page 1 Solutions, call tracking is included free. Other call tracking services can cost $75-$100 per month.

Real numbers and metrics are essential to determining the effectiveness of internet marketing. Start tracking your most important leads with call tracking.

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