Blogging for a Dental Practice

Website Design and SEO for Dentists

A blog (abbrev. Web Log) is a section of a website that can be updated dynamically with new content without any expert knowledge of website design or programming. Blogs originated as a sort of online diary that could be shared with the world. The popularity of blogging has grown rapidly and blogs are now being used to promote businesses of all sorts. There are a number of reasons for adding a blog to your dental website:

  • Blogs add a social media element to your website.
  • Blogs help to build rapport with visitors.
  • Blogs help with search engine optimization.

Blogs Add a Social Media Element to Your Website

Social media is the largest growing sector of Internet usage today. Its growth is directly connected to the growing number of users that are becoming comfortable with communicating on the Internet. People are no longer using email as their sole mode of online communication. They’re now using social media websites such as MySpace and Facebook, which all have a blogging component to them.

Blogs are a new way to communicate with the people who visit your website. Blogs are different than the rest of your website because they are more personal. Due to the popularity of social media websites, people have an understanding that blogs are about what’s top of mind for the practice - what’s new, what’s important, current events, etc. Website traffic statistics show that blogs are frequently in the top three pages accessed of those websites which include a blog. People are curious to know what’s going on with you, and they’ll check out your blog to find out.

Blogs Build Rapport with Visitors

Information sharing builds rapport with online visitors. They feel like they know you a little better, and people do business with people they know and like. By sharing a little about yourself and your practice on a regular basis, you’ll build a relationship with more people, thereby increasing the number of leads that your website generates.

Blogs Help With Search Engine Optimization

Websites such as,, and the like do very well on the search engines, not just because of who they are, but because they have boundless numbers of pages of content that are updated on a daily basis. Not that your site needs to compete with, but there's something to be learned from their success. By updating your website on a regular basis with new blog entries and more pages, you give the search engines fresh content to return to their users, which is why search engines exist at all. When the search engines identify your site as a source for up-to-date information, you will naturally do better on the search engines than a competitor’s site whose content hasn't been added to since the day the site was launched.

At Page 1, we believe that blogs are an indispensible part of Web marketing. In all but the smallest markets, blogs are necessary to maintain a competitive edge. We even write blog entries on our clients’ behalf at no additional cost to supplement their own efforts. Contact us today to learn more about how a blog can help your Web marketing efforts.