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How To Generate More Leads

Today, high-ROI internet marketing is about conversions. It is driven by collecting and utilizing data, particularly your visitors' information. Page 1 Solutions' Inbound Marketing Automation Program helps your practice convert more website traffic into leads, turn hot email leads into phone consultations, and stay in front of customers, referral sources and prospects.

Turn More Visitors Into Leads

Inbound marketing starts with stimulating website engagement through low-commitment offerings. By providing your visitors targeted, useful, and easily downloadable premium content e-books, tips, how-to guides, etc.), we convert more visitors into entry-level prospects.   All entry-level prospects are put into our strategic database follow-up email campaign, which nurtures these prospects into working leads for your practice.

Send E-Newsletters, Announcements, Promotions, etc. 

In addition to developing and marketing to your database of prospects and leads, it is also important to stay in front of your current and past clients, and referral sources. “Top of mind” awareness is not only important to stimulate more repeat business and referrals, it is essential to building your relationships and online community.

Convert Email Leads Into Phone Calls

Statistics show that most email leads fail to turn into new business because of poor, one-time follow up. Help your staff convert more website email leads through timely, well-planned database marketing follow-up emails.
Every website lead needs to be managed. Prospects require multiple follow-up emails that include strategic information and links. Stay in front of your hot leads by investing in a system that converts them into phone consultations.

Want to see how Inbound Marketing Works?

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