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Web Design Digest: Cosmetic – February 2017

By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist

Art and science are the cornerstones of both of the cosmetic practices debuting new website designs this month. In redesigning these websites, team members at Page 1 Solutions worked with each client to create an engaging online presence that combines patient education, an exceptional aesthetic and mobile-friendliness.

Read on to find out how each of these values informed the stunning website redesigns for two of our cosmetic clients. 

Client of the Month: Bella Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Chiaramonte and his team have been selected as "Clients of the month" by Page 1 solutions for their active engagement and willingness to participate in ongoing marketing suggestions to improve their marketing goals. Adriana Santiago, Bella Cosmetic Surgery's Internet Marketing Consultant at Page 1 Solutions says, "It is always great to work with committed professionals who are engaged and willing to work together as a team on their marketing goals. It has been a pleasure to work with Bella Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Chiaramonte and his staff, Christina Cosca."

Web Design Digest: Cosmetic – January 2017

By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist

Page 1 Solutions celebrates the start of the new year with the debut of a new website for an exciting med spa client. Urban Skin Solutions, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments for a diverse and enthusiastic clientele.

Let's see how a unique new website design invigorates this premier skin and laser center's online experience.

Urban Skin Solutions

Practice founder and owner Rachel Roff and her team are proud to be Charlotte's leading laser and skin care facility for ethnic skin tones. This commitment to diversity is evident in the imagery throughout the site.

Client of the Month: Dr. Zwiebel

Dr. Zwiebel and The Zwiebel Center for Plastic Surgery and Skin Care have been with Page 1 Solutions since September 2015. Dr. Zwiebel is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience. His success is built on a robust educational foundation, he received his Medical Doctorate from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and also has a Doctorate in Dental Medicine from the Harvard School of Dentistry.

San Diego Laser Clinic and Medical Spa Launches New Web Design

The colors green and gold communicate vibrancy and luxury. These colors also embody the philosophy of Avalon Laser, an aesthetic practice that emphasizes quality service in a comfortable enivronment with state-of-the-art treatments and technology.

The new Avalon Laser website recently went live. Let's see how the revamped design brings Dr. Reza Tirgari's practice to life:

Avalon Laser

"You Deserve to Look Your Best." These simple but powerful words welcome visitors to the Avalon Laser home page, and the next-step graphics immediately below the banner direct users to some of Dr. Tirgari's foremost treatment options for skin care, body contouring, and hair removal.

La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic Debuts New Skin Care Website

Rejuvenation is about more than just looking good. Youth, vitality, and other positive attributes are key considerations for any cosmetic practice.

Let's see how a Southern California client's new website brings rejuvenation to life through a user-friendly new design:

La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic

People in and around La Jolla live an active lifestyle. Principal physician Dr. Nasrin Mani taps into this mindset through next-step graphics that highlight the dynamic nature of her practice.

In CTAs on the home page and in the sidebar on the interior of the website, users have clear access to regularly updated specials and events, as well as a discount for signing up for the La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic newsletter to follow the latest updates from the practice.

Web Design Digest: Plastic Surgery – August 2016

Artistry is a leading concern for any plastic surgeon. In most cases, this virtue guides decisions not only about how to achieve a patient’s needs and goals but also how to present the practice online.

See how South Florida plastic surgeon Dr. David Bogue drew upon his artistic sensibility to create the new design for his practice website:

David Bogue MD

The beach is a defining feature of the Florida landscape. Dr. Bogue chose a soothing blue to add a relaxing but vibrant pop to features such as the main navigation, next-step graphics, and more.

Perhaps the most eye-catching use of blue appears on the home page as a background for several images in the banner. Colors reminiscent of the sea and sky infuse these banner images, creating a calming ambiance, while custom text describes each practice area.

Web Design Digest: Cosmetic – July 2016

Los Angeles is often the home of new styles and aesthetic innovations. People in Los Angeles expect contemporary design, and those visiting the city from around the world look forward to experiencing something cutting-edge.

Let’s take a look at how world-renowned cosmetic dermatologist Rebecca Fitzgerald MD uses a modern, engaging design to set her new practice website apart:

Rebecca Fitzgerald MD

Modern Internet users love high-quality imagery and video, and the new website makes extensive use of these features to inform visitors about cosmetic and clinical skin care while demonstrating how Dr. Fitzgerald’s extensive experience can benefit patients seeking a better look. Clips in the video gallery are accessible in a convenient slider format that facilitates movement from one video to the next.

Web Design Digest: Plastic Surgery – June 2016

The Breast Center Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery is a leading provider of breast reconstruction in the Denver area. Renowned for its patient focus, the practice has made survivor stories a focal point of its recent website redesign.

Let's see how The Breast Center Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery combined patient education and inspiration to update its online aesthetic:

The Breast Center Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery

Stories of breast cancer survivors who underwent mastectomy/lumpectomy and reconstruction take center stage in multiple areas of the new website design. Women in the Survivor Stories section share their experience overcoming cancer and how Dr. Christopher Williams and Dr. Jeremy Williams helped them take back their bodies. Several patients also tell their story in videos embedded on the site’s testimonials gallery.

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