Tracking Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing Results

Website Design and SEO for Plastic Surgeons

The basic principles of high-quality plastic surgery can also apply to internet marketing; 1) You can’t provide the best outcomes without leveraging the correct and most accurate data and 2) this data is can only improve results when it is interpreted and acted on by an experienced provider.

Here are four important elements your plastic surgery practice must take advantage of, if you want to drive more traffic, convert more traffic into leads, and turn leads into consultations/new patients.

  1. Internet Marketing Consultant
  2. Search Engine Ranking Reports
  3. Website Traffic Reports
  4. Lead/Conversion Tracking Reports

Internet Marketing Consultant

You need a designated Internet Marketing Consultant that understands your practice and patients.  Someone that can evaluate your results/data, provides an analysis of what it all means, and implement their recommendations and ideas.   Even the most thorough, accurate and helpful information is only window dressing if it is not in the hands of and experienced marketing specialist that can do something with it.

Search Engine Ranking Report

Generating new cosmetic plastic surgery patients using your website starts with ensuring potential patients find it on the search engines, most importantly, Google.

At Page 1, our plastic surgeon clients receive a monthly Search Engine Ranking Report, including the positioning results for the most important keyword searches. Here is a sample: (Graphic sample conductor ranking report)

Website Traffic Tracking

Most plastic surgeon review traffic data and trends, and call it good.  Our Website Traffic Tracking allows you to get more insight so you can identify:

  • How visitors like and stay on your site
  • How they use your website and navigation through it
  • What call-to-action changes need to be made
  • How they view your website (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • How do they get to your website; the keyword phrases they search
  • And more . . .

Using Google Analytics and helping you understand the most important information, we can measure your website’s effectiveness and continually take steps to improve its results.

Lead Conversion and Tracking

If your plastic surgery website is effective, it converts a high percentage of visitors into leads, the most important type being telephone call leads. We monitor the number, type and quality of leads that you receive and watch for trends to constantly update our strategies.

If it isn’t already, tracking and reporting needs to be an integral part of our Internet marketing strategies. If it is, you need to continually work to improve and refine how you get it and utilize it.

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