Print and Promotional Materials

Branding Through Print for Doctors, Surgeons & Medical Estheticians

seasonal print promotion for RejuvenationMDThe internet provides you with unprecedented access to prospective and current patients. However, despite the dominance of the worldwide web, print marketing is still a viable option for engaging and activating your clients.

Quality print and collateral items amplify your marketing message and work hand-in-hand with other services to build your reputation, improve your online visibility, and gain and retain more patients. Ultimately, these strategies work together to bring your practice more high-quality leads, more conversions, and more revenue.

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Strengthening Your Practice Brand

Consistent branding takes into account all assets of your marketing. Whether the promotion appears online, in print, or both, the messaging, graphics, imagery, and information should the same across media.

Much like website design, the creation of print collateral needs to balance function with aesthetics. You want the print material to be readable while catching the eye.

Team members at Page 1 Solutions assist clients with a wide range of print collateral, including:

  • Brochures and pamphlets
  • Print ads for newspapers, magazines, and trade publications
  • Posters, banners, window displays, and other signage
  • Materials for direct mail campaigns
  • Pocket folders

spread print collateral for Capital Laser & Skin Care

We pay attention to each detail of your practice brand in the design and creation of print materials. You can expect consistency in color choices, images, and implementation of your practice logo and other graphics.

Creative Collateral Your Clients Remember

print and promotional materials for New Look New Life Cosmetic Surgical ArtsProspective patients literally hold print materials in the palm of their hand. They have weight. They have staying power that enhances and strengthens the messaging of your digital marketing campaigns.

As a result, the print materials for your practice need to earn the attention of the person picking it up. Our team includes experienced graphic designers and copywriters who know how to combine words and images to outstanding effect in the limited space afforded by print.

When patients see your collateral materials, they will know it’s for your practice. The experience is consistent on the internet, in the mail, and in your office.

Should your practice host an event, we also develop premium print products such as invitations, thank-you cards, and more. These personalized items build and strengthen your rapport with new and current patients, ultimately earning you more business from your special event.

Ask to See Examples of Our Print Design Work!

Print materials have many applications for plastic surgery, dermatology, and medical spa marketing. Our internet marketing consultants are ready to help you discover how print ads and digital strategies can complement one another to generate more leads and patients for your cosmetic practice.

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