OTT Video Streaming Ads for Plastic Surgeons & Med Spas

Targeted Advertising Beyond Television for Cosmetic Practices

The fee-for-service cosmetic space is competitive, with advertising budgets seemingly never stretching far enough to reach valuable prospective patients. Although some plastic surgeons, medical spas, and cosmetic practices see a return on TV advertising, many practices find that television ads are too expensive and fail to reach the right consumers.

However, with so many cable customers "cutting the cord," the exponential popularity of Apple TV, Amazon, YouTube, Hulu, and other streaming platforms creates a new advertising opportunity for forward-thinking surgeons, doctors, and practice managers.

OTT and Connected TV devicesOTT, or "over-the-top," services deliver individualized, on-demand news, sports, and entertainment. With OTT ads, your practice can reach this tuned-in audience much more effectively than you can on regular TV.

Streaming digital ads combine the power of engaging video messaging with the targeting and efficiency of the Internet.

Page 1 Solutions proudly offers targeted OTT advertising services for plastic and cosmetic surgeons, medical spas, and doctors providing cosmetic services. Call 303-233-3886 to get individualized input on ad campaign options for your market segment, patient demographics, and lead generation goals.

Who Is the OTT Audience?

Not just millennials are moving away from cable to streaming. In fact, 65% of "cord cutters" are between the ages of 25 and 60. In addition, one of the major markets served by OTT is Spanish-speaking consumers.

This diverse audience watches shows, movies, and more on their smartphones, tablets, and laptop and desktop computers, as well as Connected TV such as:

  • Amazon Firestick
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • And many more!

OTT advertising offers granular targeting to refine the streaming audience so your practice appears before the right consumers. Our campaigns include targeting options such as:

  • Zip code
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Interests
  • Intent (search, online browsing habits, etc.)

In addition to providing much more targeting than television advertising, OTT ads are also much less competitive than TV – for now.

traffic and demographic reporting on OTT ads

The audience for OTT is also more engaged than the average TV viewer. Instead of passively watching programs selected by the network, consumers who use OTT services actively decide what to watch and when, resulting in significantly more engagement.

What Do OTT Ads Look Like?

An OTT ad is similar to pre-roll video ads. They appear for 15-30 seconds during ad breaks before and in the middle of a program. Ad blocks on CTV and devices only last about 90 seconds, so the ads are correspondingly shorter than average television commercials.

As a result, viewers are more likely to pay attention to the ad on their device than they would on TV. Other advantages of OTT advertising include:

  • Ads always run
  • Users can't skip the ads after 5 seconds like they can on YouTube
  • You only pay for ads that reach your specific target audience
  • We track leads back to the ad the consumer saw before calling you
  • Campaigns include dayparting options, ensuring that your ads only run at the times your target consumer is likely to see them
  • Your ads will not be preempted by political ads
    • This is particularly beneficial heading into election season. FCC guidelines allow political ads on TV to supplant regular advertisements, but the same isn't true on OTT/CTV services.

Page 1 Solutions partners with one of the nation's leading media companies in the growing OTT space. We are able to offer a guaranteed number of impressions for ads based on your target audience. You are only charged for the users within your target audience who see your ads.

Getting Started with OTT Ads for Cosmetic Services

We customize OTT ads to your practice. If you have existing video ads, we can revise them for CTV and smart devices. We can also create new ads, B-roll, and montage videos.

Your competitors likely spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to gain a foothold on TV. You might know this firsthand from mass media campaigns for your own practice. Instead of the massive investment it takes to build your brand on TV, Page 1 Solutions can help you use your marketing budget wisely to micro-target potential patients for less money and higher ROI.

OTT advertising costs less, earns more exposure, and drives more qualified leads than broadcast or cable TV.

In order to succeed, your practice needs to jump in now before big spenders start saturating the market like they have with TV.

Learn how OTT advertising can drive visibility and leads for your practice on a fast-growing media channel. Page 1 Solutions is proud to provide sample ads and develop recommendations specific to your practice! Call 303-233-3886 today to get started.