Custom Content for Ophthalmologists

Web Content Development for LASIK Surgeons & Ophthalmologists

Procedures like laser eye surgery are a big decision. Digital marketing raises visibility of your practice, but to drive leads you must earn the patient’s trust and help them make an informed decision.

At Page 1 Solutions, our skilled copywriters place equal emphasis on patient education and engagement. We tell your website visitors what sets you apart from the competition while presenting your authority in a relatable, informative format. We also create content that boosts your presence in search engine rankings.

High-quality content is a key part of multiple marketing strategies that improve your search rank, amplify your messaging to prospective patients, enhance your reputation, and gain and retain patients. Ultimately, multi-channel marketing drives high-quality leads, conversions, and more revenue.

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Types of Copywriting

The key to good search engine optimization is providing the best answer to the questions posed by prospective patients. At Page 1 Solutions, we rely on extensive research and more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing and SEO for ophthalmologists to create compelling content around LASIK and your other priority practice areas.

We find that Google and other search engines favor websites that provide diverse, engaging content that uses a number of different formats. As a result, we develop content marketing strategies that support your priority practice area pages through:

  • Blog posts: Regular, timely updates are a quality search signal; our copywriters create both long- and short-format blog posts to meet the needs of your website visitors.
  • Infographics: Ophthalmology is a detailed specialty. We tell visitors about eye conditions and treatments through digestible, image-driven graphics that match the visual style of your brand and website design.
  • Slideshare presentations: Maximize your social media marketing on LinkedIn with a gallery of custom slideshows exploring your services.
  • Quizzes: Help patients self-assess their vision issues and provide guidance on solutions through interactive quiz content.
  • Video blogging: If you invest in a video library, your blog can serve as a tool for promoting custom video clips in which you answer questions and tell visitors about your practice.

These content strategies benefit your website content. However, Page 1 Solutions also creates content to expand the reach of your practice to other websites.

External Content Marketing

Off-site content gets your name in front of users on other websites. It also demonstrates your authority within the search engines, which crawl billions of domains to identify common patterns among providers and brands that consistently deliver the best answers to the countless number of queries submitted by users.

Infographic: Content for Each Stage of the Customer Journey

Page 1 Solutions identifies high-quality domains that are relevant to ophthalmology, eye health and vision correction. We create off-site posts, inquire about guest blogging opportunities and pursue media coverage with the goal of earning exposure for your practice and links back to your website.

Our copywriters also create press releases when you have news such as:

  • The addition of new treatments and technology
  • Updates at your office, such as the hiring of a new doctor
  • Awards and recognition from local sources and major organizations within ophthalmology
  • The release of original patient resources
  • Participation in community events
  • Continuing education news, such as your completion of specialty training or a fellowship

Press releases are distributed across hundreds of domains, providing you with the opportunity to drive exposure for your name, your brand and your website with a single news item. We write all press release content using AP Style, with the goal of building relationships with journalists and other content creators.

Speak with a marketing expert at Page 1 Solutions for free today for more information about our copywriting and content marketing services for ophthalmologists and LASIK doctors. Call 303-233-3886 to get started.