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For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

You may be at the top of your field, but simply stating that is not enough to earn you new clients. Building your online reputation requires a multifaceted marketing strategy that may encompass client reviews, contributions to authoritative content, inclusion in prominent online resources, and more.

Your reputation must be consistent with every interaction prospective clients have with your practice both online and in-person. The “moment of truth” for you to live up to the image you present online is when clients schedule a consultation at your office. At each of these stages, Page 1 Solutions can provide hands-on assistance to spotlight your reputation.

reviews and ratings management at Page 1 SolutionsReviews Management: Reviews and ratings are the digital equivalent to word of mouth. Having a lot of clients who sing your praises will generate more business, while a preponderance of negative reviews may give prospective clients pause before contacting your practice.

A good online reputation (in the form of many positive reviews and a high star rating) doesn’t happen by accident. Page 1 Solutions offers a reviews and ratings platform that puts your practice in control of your online reputation. This platform drives reviews on high-profile platforms like Google and Yelp, amplifies positive reviews on social media, and monitors your reviews in the event of a negative testimonial.

You provide 5-star service. Now you can engage your satisfied clients to sell that experience to possible newcomers to your practice, as well as address negative reviews when they arise. With the right message and good timing, you may be able to turn a dissatisfied client into somebody who gives you a second chance!

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Healthgrades marketing at Page 1 SolutionsHealthgrades: Plastic surgeons, dentists, ophthalmologists, and other physicians know Healthgrades as one of the foremost online resources patients use to find a doctor. With 1.5 million visitors every day, you can’t afford not to stand out on Healthgrades.

Page 1 Solutions helps doctors and dentists create premium profiles on Healthgrades. This expanded profile improves your prominence in on-site searches; fully communicates your experience, education, and training; lists the treatments you offer; provides contact information and driving directions for your practice; and more.

Healthgrades also prominently features patient reviews. So, in addition to patients finding you on a reputable medical directory, they also see your online reputation. Page 1 Solutions understands the marketing and reviews and ratings capabilities of Healthgrades, and we help you get the most from both.

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lead intake training at Page 1 SolutionsLead Intake Training: When clients contact your practice, your reputation precedes you. If multiple online reviews praise the friendliness and responsiveness of your staff, you need to repeat that process for every lead.

Intake training empowers your practice to provide consistent, high-quality service to incoming leads. Our Intake Specialist reviews the leads coming to your practice while also evaluating the intake process firsthand through a “secret shop” process.

The Intake Specialist assesses multiple aspects of your staff’s phone skills and interaction with chat and email leads, then makes recommendations for improving the intake process. Better intake doesn’t just generate more leads – it also improves the client experience, which informs your word-of-mouth referrals and online reputation.

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internet marketing consulting at Page 1 SolutionsInternet Marketing Consulting: One of the key advantages of working with a proven marketing agency is experience. When you partner with Page 1 Solutions, our experienced team members advise you on a host of factors that not only boost your online reputation but use that hard-earned image to bolster your marketing campaigns.

Our 90-day consulting-only service gives clients access to our knowledge and experience for a reasonable investment and minimal time commitment. One of the key components of the 90 days is a “secret shop” that evaluates how your staff presents your practice and handles incoming leads.

Insights from the secret shop enable your Internet Marketing Consultant to provide you with actionable recommendations not only to improve your lead intake but establish rapport and make a good first impression. Page 1 Solutions also has relationships with respected industry experts who can provide strategic input on building your reputation to meet business objectives.

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media outreach at Page 1 SolutionsMedia Outreach: You have completed advanced education and years of professional and clinical practice. By any measure, you are an expert in your field. However, in order to build and maintain your reputation as an expert, you must present yourself as an authority.

Page 1 Solutions promotes your expertise through multiple marketing strategies, from pitching your quotes to reporters and website owners to identifying guest writing opportunities. The goal is to associate your name and that of your practice with relevant, informative content on an ongoing basis.

Prospective clients aren’t the only ones who take notice of an authoritative reputation through earned media. Search engines also favor expert sources in search results. As a result, those guest contributions and media quotes make it easier for clients to find you and encourage them to discover the reason for your high-quality reputation for themselves.

When reading about these marketing services, it is important to remember that many strategies can impact your online reputation. In today’s competitive marketing space, no single service option is going to get you a consistent stream of 5-star reviews. For this reason, multi-channel marketing is crucial for your success.