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Tips To Plan Your 2018 Website Updates

By Bill Fukui, Director of Sales & Marketing

As your practice invests more money into more Internet marketing opportunities, the website plays an increasingly important role.  Chances are, you pay much closer attention to the look, content, and performance of the website than before, and continually invest more time and money into it.

Not too long ago, the primary goal for your website was simply to convert it into a “responsive” design that is mobile-friendly.

Today, mobile-friendly alone isn’t enough. Your website needs to perform in more ways.  It needs to be secure (HTTPS). It needs to be faster loading. It needs to promote your brand. It needs to be search engine optimized.

Most importantly, it needs to engage visitors and convert prospects into quality leads. 

4 Quick and Easy Ways to Promote Your Practice During the Holiday Season

By Andrea Techlin, Internet Marketing Consultant

The upcoming holiday season is a great reason to spend more time with friends and family and to find ways to express your love and gratitude for them. This means that businesses are busy trying to convince shoppers that they have the perfect gift for someone on their list. It seems like everyone has a coupon or special event that can’t be missed!

Even if you’re not in retail, as a medical practice owner there are some things you can do to market yourself and your services leading up to and during the holidays. Smartphones allow us to easily know about the best offers and latest updates by checking our email inbox or our social newsfeed. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to reach your patients with one of these timely touch points through your digital channels.

Is the QR Code Dead?

Written by Jake Johnson, Internet Marketing Consultant

What Is a QR Code?

QR stands for Quick Response codes. Once scanned by your mobile device (smartphone, tablet or computer), QR codes take your browser to the URL that is associated with the code itself.

History of the QR Code

Originally, QR codes were placed on marketing materials such as billboards, posters and other printed marketing collateral to help promote brands and products without requiring consumers to do the painstaking task of typing in a longer URL.

Movember: Not a Typo

By Alicia Frost, Social Media Specialist

Update: The Movember event went very well! The support and generosity from all who attended exceeded Paul & Laura's expectations. The money raised from Movember night will go directly towards The Movember Foundation's effort to find promising treatments. Let's keep Movember going strong!

It is officially November! While many of us immediately start daydreaming about delicious feasts and delectable pie, there is another symbol for the month of November that warms our hearts: MOUSTACHES!

The Movember Foundation is the only charity tackling men’s health year-round on a global scale. The foundation’s objective is to address some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.  

New Data To Generate More Internet Business in 2018 (for less time and money)

By Bill Fukui, Director of Sales & Marketing

Now is the time most practices start accumulating marketing data over the past year to determine your marketing plans for 2018. 

Of course, your own marketing data and results should be the foundation for building your comprehensive strategy.  However, there is also other industry data that can provide insights to make more effective decisions.  Let us just review some of them.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs Into One Basket (or just a few)

 As consumers change, so should your marketing strategies.  And consumers are changing how they research, compare and make decisions on services and providers.  No longer do consumers only search a handful of “vanity” phrases. 

Here are some general trends:

The Importance of Utilizing Visual Content in Your Marketing Strategy

By John Gaumnitz, Senior Internet Marketing Consultant

One of the most successful forms of communication nowadays is visual content. Finding ways to not only separate you from competitors, but also stimulate online growth and engagement is the goal of marketing for any business. If visual content marketing is not currently a part of your current strategy, then it is time to rethink what you are doing (or not doing).

Don’t get me wrong, textual-type content is still very important and will always play an integral part in any kind of marketing, but visual content is something that can extend your overall reach, stand out to prospective clients and should absolutely play a major role in your marketing strategy.

Page 1 Wins Silver Design Award for Denver Dentist Website

By Maarit Kaaihue, Creative Director

Dr. Scott Greenhalgh is not only a longtime client, but also our neighbor in the Denver area. We were very pleased to help him launch a redesigned website for his dental practice over the summer, and now we are doubly pleased to announce that his new website is an award-winner!

For the custom design we created for Dr. Greenhalgh, Page 1 Solutions has won Silver at this year's W3 Awards in the Health section of the General Website category. The W3 Awards recognize excellence and creativity in website design, features and digital marketing.

In Memoriam of a Friend and Colleague

When someone passes away, no matter what the circumstances, it takes you to a place of reflection and remembrance. When that person passes at a young age or unexpectedly, it goes beyond that into all of the things that they will miss out on in their future.

Andrew Wasyluk was a truly gifted individual who left us way too early. He was very passionate about social media, but his technical knowledge went well beyond running a great social campaign for a client. He knew how to code, design, and threw himself into everything he did 150%. That scope of knowledge and passion made him a wonderful marketer and social media specialist. He was able to see the big picture, understand the technicalities behind how everything worked, and combined that with a creativeness that showed his artistic side.

Why Is My SEO Company Charging Me a Monthly Fee?

By Christian Stack, Internet Marketing Consultant

Many SEO agencies charge monthly fees for their services. Often, the question arises “Why is my SEO company charging me a monthly fee? Didn’t they already optimize my site? They’re charging me for doing nothing!”

So why exactly are these SEO companies still charging an ongoing monthly fee after they have optimized your site? What gives?

SEO is not easy. It’s also not a one-and-done process. SEO isn’t something that is just installed on your site and forgotten about. Your SEO team is not just working on your site and calling it good. And even with the work they initially do on your site, this represents only the beginning of a dynamic marketing strategy.