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February 23, 2018

By Christian Stack, Internet Marketing Consultant

Through the years, there have been many iterations of what we call today your Google My Business listing, or GMB. What we now refer to as GMB has gone through changes from its early days starting as part of Google Maps, another facet of the Google account suite, and one that you could connect to your business’s Google Plus profile. When Google Plus was mainly a social media platform, Google Maps listings operated separately, and any SEO worth their salt in local optimization would recommend that you connect your Google Maps listing to your Google Plus and optimize both listings.

Well… as we all know, nothing lasts. Once Google realized that Google Plus was not, in fact, going to be the Facebook killer it had hoped, Google began the slow process of letting its social media pet project die. This in turn left Google business listings on Maps in a state of flux. To manage and fully optimize them, you had to connect the listings and verify the page through your Google Plus. This presented its own confusing set of challenges. But, as more and more searches were being performed on mobile devices and Google Maps was becoming more and more a platform that local businesses were being found on, the value of a Google Maps Business listing became more and more apparent.


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February 20, 2018

The Winter Games remind us that speed and quality are the catalysts for competing and winning.  The same can be said for competition in your market and industry.

We all recognize that attracting Potential New Clients (PNC) to your website and getting them to contact your office is expensive.  The cost can range anywhere from $25-$300+ per lead. 

In addition, we also know consumers will shop and contact other competitors.  A Lead Qual study of over 70,000 leads showed that consumers submit an average of 3-5 forms for each purchase.  And the number of submissions is likely higher for more sophisticated professional services, like yours.

It’s About Speed

Just because your website marketing generates a lead doesn’t guarantee your practice will convert it into a consultation, or even connect with the PNC.

In fact, the same study data found that the first to actually contact a lead increases conversions into business by a whopping 238%!

There are numerous other...

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February 19, 2018

By Alexa Davis, Social Media Specialist

Digital Marketing Strategies You Can Learn from the Queen Herself

You might be wondering: How can I learn anything practical about marketing my medical, dental or legal practice from Beyoncé? Great question – and one I asked myself a few years ago when a friend first handed me the book “Brands That Rock” by Roger Blackwell and Tina Stephan.

In it, Blackwell and Stephan explore the (many) steps it took for some of the most iconic musicians – the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Aerosmith, and Madonna – to become the household names they are today. At this point, it seems hard to believe that those musical artists/bands weren’t instantly born into stardom and that they, too, had to start somewhere – but of course, they did.

That said, I’ve been wondering how I can adopt and apply some of their genius marketing methods to enhance our clients’ overall marketing strategies. Steering away from the musicians studied in “Brands that Rock,” I decided to look to Beyoncé for marketing inspiration (because duh! she’s my all-time favorite artist).

So how does she do what she does? And how can Beyonce’s promotional marketing methods teach marketing managers in...

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February 14, 2018

Written by Saralyn Ciolek, Internet Marketing Consultant at Page 1 Solutions

laughing women looking at smartphoneThe people (and search engines) have spoken: Online reviews are the make-or-break element to your digital marketing success.

Wait, you may be saying. Make or break?

The answer is yes. Word-of-mouth advertising and social proof have always been the strongest testaments to a business, product or service. It’s no different now in the digital age; in fact, as information becomes much easier to collect, share and discover, word-of-mouth advertising is more potent than ever.

Here are a few things you should know to set your legal, medical or dental practice up for success.

Reviews REALLY Matter.

Consumer behavior has shifted. As the public becomes savvier in recognizing claims written by advertisers, they turn instead to authentic reports from their peers to confirm they are making the right decision. According to a 2016 report from Biznology, 81% of consumers report that they do their...

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February 13, 2018

Our President, Dan Goldstein, was recently interviewed by Kineticorp.  Be sure to check out the podcast: Legal Web Marketing Today


Get tips on Google updates, SEO, website security and more!

Give us a call if you have any questions on your current marketing strategy.  800-368-9910


February 10, 2018

Thursday, Google announced it will elevate its efforts to force websites to convert to secure HTTPS. 

In July, with the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will display “Not secure” when users visit HTTP websites.  (For more information about HTTP vs. HTTPS websites, check out my earlier article.)

For practices that have not converted or built a new secure website by July, they will likely lose business on a couple levels:

  1. Google’s warning will project your website as inferior, risky and unprofessional.  You may be the most trustworthy and credible practice in the market, but your website will communicate a very different message and brand.  Your website bounce rate will rise and conversion rate will fall.
  2. There is also a good likelihood that you will see a decline in your rankings and visibility (traffic!).  As early as 2014, Google indicated that HTTPS security was important and said, “...
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February 07, 2018

You probably recognize that reviews are now an essential part of a successful business.  If you don’t, you will:

  1. Fall further behind in your Google rankings
  2. Lose potential clients to competitors with more and better reviews

Yet, the majority of practices still have very few or negative online reviews. They say, “I can’t get more positive reviews because my clients don’t want their friends to know.”

Well let’s be honest.  You can easily find competitors with a lot more reviews.  So stop making excuses and start getting more!

What you need is a Review Marketing Service that:

  1. Reaches Out to your satisfied clients and drives them to your most important review profiles to share their experience.
  2. Identifies Unhappy Clients so you can address them before they post a negative review.
  3. Utilizes Your Database of Customers to consistently grow your reviews.
  4. Notifies you when clients post their review so you can thank them in a timely manner.
  5. Amplifies the...
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February 01, 2018

Written by Samuel Solis, Senior Internet Marketing Consultant at Page 1 Solutions. 

So you’ve finally decided to get a website, or re-design your current website. Your first step is looking at your budget to see how much you have to invest in a website.

The overall cost of a website largely depends on the scope of changes. There are some items that should be implemented by default just to have a good foundation, and then there are more optional items that might help with marketing to your target audience.

Depending on the marketing agency or developer you’re working with, the pricing structure might vary. There definitely are low-budget providers and high-budget providers, and you’ll always get what you pay for. In other words, if you’re going with the cheapest option, don’t expect a lot of customization or input throughout the development process.

Here at Page 1 Solutions, we offer our clients and potential clients two options: a custom design or a templated design. With the custom design, the client gets to provide a lot of input throughout the design process; the goal is to make their vision come true. With the templated option, the design is less subject to input; because of this, the development time is cut down and so is the overall cost.

Website designs in general can range...

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January 31, 2018

As you’ve surely heard by now, Facebook recently announced another huge change to the way content is displayed and prioritized in its News Feed. The majority of public content from brands, businesses and the media will soon be eradicated, leading many people to call it the death of organic reach for Facebook Business Pages. 

Please watch Daniel Brophy, one of our Social Media Specialists, discuss why you shouldn't be overly worried about this update, and what you can do today to make sure Facebook remains a viable marketing channel for your practice.

Daniel Brophy is a Social Media Specialist at Page 1 Solutions. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter!

January 25, 2018

Andrea TechlinBy Andrea Techlin
Internet Marketing Consultant

What Are You Looking At? Why Blog Images Matter

The Internet offers infinite information at our fingertips. And this information is best translated, or at least preferred, in a visual format or with visual resources. Photos, graphics, and video grab our attention, stimulate our imagination, and can help us process new ideas quicker. And those are two of the main reasons we love being online – to learn something new and to be entertained.

It’s no coincidence that Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube are a few of the most popular places we spend our time online. In fact, each day the average Instagram user spends 21 minutes on the app and a...

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