Your Skincare Practice And The Next Step

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Our guest blogger, Hilla Nassiri, is back with another blog about how to incorporate skin care products into your practice. Read more...

The beauty of skin care doesn’t just run skin-deep, but more importantly pocket-deep.  But since this is such a new part of medicine for most physicians, the logical question is, “So how do I do this?”  Believe it or not, it’s not difficult.  While it may seem overwhelming at first, if you follow these steps you will set yourself up for success:  

  • Try not to carry more than two topical skin care lines in your office. When you carry more, you dilute your buying power with these companies.  
  • Apart from product sales and providing a variety of treatment options, you may want to include a high-revenue earning treatment modality, such as Venus Freeze or Cool-sculpting.  
  • Don't hire multiple skin care specialists but instead have a single RN/Aesthetician.  Here is a great example from Phoenix Skin Care.  Your patient's point of contact will then be one person instead of hassling with multiple appointments with different people.
  • Most importantly, integrate your skin care business into your medical practice.  Utilize your existing patient base and encourage them to come in for complimentary skin consultations. It is then the job of your RN/Aesthetician to educate your patient on what type of skin care and product they need.

To learn more about incorporating skin care into your practice, please contact Hilla through her information below.

~Hilla Nassiri
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