Written Content is Still King . . . Barely

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Most SEO-related information and news has focused on Google’s ranking algorithm concentrating more on user experience; and that includes me.

For example, I recently shared this month’s Gooogle Speed update, where Google announced it will incorporate mobile site speed as a bigger ranking factor.  And since Google also publicly stated that it has rolled out mobile-first indexing (since the majority of its audience are on mobile), the speed update will likely impact rankings on all devices.

So if user experience is becoming a bigger and bigger factor in whether your pages show up high on key searches or not, then the type of content you post and promote on your website is really important.  But what type of content is the most effective at attracting website traffic?

According to most SEO agencies, written content is still king . . .  barely.

In a June poll conducted by Search Engine Journal to its Twitter audience, 40.4 percent of respondents indicated written content is the most effective type of content for attracting traffic.  Video content was second at 34.3 percent, and 25.3 percent indicated that visual content (infographics, charts, slide share presentations, quizzes, etc.) was the top traffic producer.  None of the respondents indicated that audio content, such as podcasts, was successful at driving traffic to websites.

We can all agree that video content is becoming more important, particularly in a mobile-dominated environment.  But make sure you continue to invest in high-quality written content.

So here are some quick tips regarding the content you should be producing:

  • Blogging is still important – Timing is an important aspect of high performing content, and blogs allow you to quickly and easily get breaking, trending and relevant information on your site.
  • Promote it! – Good content can only attract visitors when they can find it and popularity/engagement is important to be found on Google.  It starts with promoting.
  • Participate and contribute – Don’t rely exclusively on your agency.  Studies show the content that gets the most engagement is about the practice.  If you are not composing content yourself, you need to at least provide collaborative insight, photos, resources, etc.
  • Write for a mobile audience – People will read and comprehend written content on a smartphone differently than on a desktop.  This would mean more concise and to-the-point writing style.  Use bulleted lists.  Avoid long, scrolling paragraphs.  Write shorter sentences that require less punctuation.  Use links to deeper pages.

Written content is still important.  By being more strategic in how it is developed, executed and promoted you will generate better results and build online authority and credibility.

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