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May 5, 2011

Website Design, Internet Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What are keywords and how are they determined?

Keywords are important terms which define your business – words which would likely be used by someone searching online for a business like yours. Examples include:

  • Any location names that cover the areas from which you draw your customers, or where you would like to draw more customers
  • The names of the procedures you offer
  • The areas of law which you practice
  • Trade names of popular products you offer, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic or Invisalign®
  • Names of defective drugs for which you will take cases
  • Alternative names of procedures or practice areas, such as abdominoplasty and tummy tuck or car accident and auto accident

Your list of keywords is carefully assembled early on by you and your Page 1 Solutions Internet marketing consultant.

Why does the text keep repeating my location?

Your location is central to how people will find your website. A person wanting a doctor or lawyer will want one near their home or workplace. Search words will therefore typically include a location. Examples include:

  • Cosmetic dentist in St. Louis, Missouri
  • North Carolina LASIK
  • Breast implants San Francisco
  • New York car accident lawyer

However, our writers will not simply paste these keyword phrases from your list into the content on your website. Instead, they will use each word in close proximity in a way that flows naturally within the context of the page.

Could I write my own content?

You could, but how effective would it be for search engine optimization or generating leads? You certainly know a great deal about your industry, your business, your clients, and your location. You may have even written professional journal articles or books related to topics in your field.

But writing website content is very different than writing a scholarly article or a book geared towards other professionals in your field. Website content has two primary audiences – the consumer (your patient or client) and the search engines. There are specific techniques that must be used to reach these audiences in the most effective way possible.

The website copywriters at Page 1 Solutions have extensive experience writing for these audiences, and they are continually researching the most effective strategies to achieve your Internet marketing goals. The content we create for you will be based on these best practices stemming from years of ongoing research and refining our technique.

Will I get a chance to edit the content before it goes live?

Absolutely. We will start out by writing five sample pages for you to review. These pages will give you a feel for the quality, tone, and style you can expect from the content before we write your entire site. When you review the sample pages, you will have an opportunity to make any changes you feel are necessary to ensure that we capture your desired tone and feel as accurately as possible. We will then implement these changes and continue writing the remainder of the content, which you will also have an opportunity to review and revise before it goes live.

What effect do bolding and italics have?

Words with bolding or italics have more importance in the eyes of search engines. They also catch a reader’s eye more easily, drawing their attention to important terms or concepts contained on the page. We use the judiciously and sparingly to achieve the maximum impact without coming across as spammy.

What kinds of pages will my website have?

There will be four types of pages:

  • Home page – A welcome page introducing your practice and providing consumers with an understanding of what makes you unique compared with your competitors. This page will also contain links to the primary practice areas you would like to target business for.
  • Landing pages – These pages provide a basic overview of a broad area of practice and contain links to the specific practice areas covered under this broad term. Landing pages are used to help consumers more easily navigate your website and reach the specific page they are looking for. Examples include Breast Procedures, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Personal Injury.
  • Internal pages – These pages provide information on a specific procedure or area of practice. Examples include Porcelain Veneers, Cataract Surgery, Car Accidents, and Liposuction.
  • Question pages – These pages include several questions on a specific procedure or area of practice. Their purpose is to provide more detailed information than is contained on the corresponding internal page. For example, a breast augmentation page may contain information on who is an ideal candidate or the benefits of the procedure, while the breast augmentation questions page may discuss incision locations, recovery time, and the type of anesthesia used.

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