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Kayde Pierce - Internet Marketing Consultant
May 30, 2019

From the earliest years of our education, marketers are taught to understand the line between their role and that of the sales team. They can often be heard saying, “I don’t consider myself a salesperson” and most DON'T actually consider themselves as such. However, successful marketers embrace their inner salesperson for the good of their clients’ bottom line. After all, marketing and sales are very separate aspects of business that are most successful when they hold hands over the aforementioned line.

A Case in Point

Let’s think for a moment about patient coordinator “Sadie” at a local cosmetic surgeon’s office. She’s only signing up a small percentage of patients for the practice’s loyalty program. Upon investigation, her manager discovers that Sadie is uncomfortable with the loyalty program conversation because it makes her feel like a salesperson. Sadie feels she is most successful when she is allowed to organically develop a relationship with the patients.

Professional marketers share this feeling, especially in moments when more difficult conversations need to be had with our clients. Conversations, for instance, like those centered around increasing campaign dollars or suggesting changes to a client’s patient intake procedures.

Conquer Your Fear

Sadie’s fear is a common one; many people feel that any “sales-y” language makes both the person delivering and the person receiving feel pretty awkward. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Don’t let this sneaky fear prevent you from offering services to your clients that will help them be successful and grow their business.

Consumers like to know they have options. A multichannel approach to marketing is an industry standard, and consumers are used to being approached from a variety of platforms. More and more consumers are looking for value first and relationship second.

Think about your own interactions with patients or clients. When you recommend a new service or, in the case of patient coordinator Sadie, recommend an increase in visit frequency, you do so because the patient/client will enjoy beneficial results, not simply to make more money. This is the same strategy professional marketers implement when recommending strategies with our clients.

Put Sales Skills to Work for You

The key is to know “why” the client will benefit from your recommendations, not just the “how” they can benefit. Without the “why,” the “how” won’t matter. Sadie can eliminate all feelings of pushiness by explaining to patients why she knows an added treatment or visit will yield the results they seek. In this case:

  • The “How”: The added value of the practice loyalty program
  • The “Why”: Patients save money

Successful marketers think like their business-owning clients, offering services beneficial to clients in ways that offer value. Our clients depend upon a sales-based mentality to run their businesses successfully. As we marketers carefully craft new ways of achieving goals for our clients it is important to think like our clients. We owe it to our clients to educate them about opportunities for success and we can best accomplish this by tapping into our inner salesperson.

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