Why You Should Be Using Email Marketing

Internet Marketing for Attorneys, Surgeons, and Dentists

It’s first thing in the morning and your eyes are still crusted over as you grab your phone to shut off your alarm. You find yourself opening your mail app and scanning as you see email after email of deals from your favorite companies. You ask yourself: Why do they keep sending me these? The reason is because email marketing works!

You may think that email marketing is just not for you. However, I believe that couldn’t be further from the truth. Below you will find 3 reasons why you should be using email marketing to help promote your business.

Email Is the Preferred Communication Channel

No surprise here: We find that a majority of consumers want to be able to receive email as a form of communication from their favorite companies and brands rather than any other form of marketing. A study from Marketing Sherpa states that 72% of people prefer to receive promotions from a company via email.

graph showing results of Marketing Sherpa study on email marketing effectivenessNo surprise here: Millennials identify email marketing as the preferred way to receive news from businesses. The reason for this is because we read email everywhere, and I do mean everywhere.

Easy to Get in Front of New Qualified Customers

With the ever changing landscape of marketing and the amount of data that we as marketers are now able to collect, this means that email marketing is a great way to place your message in front of qualified customers. We’re able to dial in the data to match what your ideal customer looks like. This includes data on your prospective clients including their  age, gender, income, interests/hobbies, and even if they prefer 1 ply or 2 ply toilet paper (Not joking).

You can gather email addresses through one, some or all of the following:

  • Utilizing your current client email list
  • Creating an email signup form on your practice website
  • Collecting contact information from the attendees at events that you may host

These steps allow you to rest easy knowing that your message is going to be seen by the right people at the right time. Ninety percent of emails are delivered to the intended recipient's inbox, so if you’ve been collecting accurate emails from your loyal clients, they will be sure to receive it.

Email Engagement & Open Rates Are High

So what does the return on an email campaign look like? ExactTarget shows that for every one dollar that you spend on an email campaign, you’re likely to see a return of $44.

Statista released a study in 2016 that analyzed the open rate for marketing emails by industry. On average:

  • Marketing emails for legal services enjoy an open rate of 16.5%
  • 15.9% of marketing emails from healthcare companies are opened by consumers

If you want to learn more about what email marketing can do for you, contact your Internet Marketing Consultant or call Page 1 Solutions at 800-368-9910.