Why You Need More Than Price When Comparing Website Design Firms

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

So what is the cost to develop a new website?

Well, it is difficult to simply give a cost without addressing a number of variables that will impact the cost, time and complexity of building an effective, lead-generating website. 

Actually, simply asking for the cost of a website limits your ability to really get the information you need to determine the best website marketing partner fit, and reach your goals.

Here’s a little perspective.

Generally speaking, the cost of a fully-custom, responsive website, it can range from $5,000 up to $20,000+.  The reason for such a broad range is because how a website is built should reflect the goals of the practice within its unique competitive environment, and how it needs to perform targeted objectives. 

To help you, I am including 20 questions you can print and use as you consider and compare website marketing providers:

1.       What competitors’ website designs are you needing to out-perform?

2.       What image do we need to project, and what assets do we already have and need to develop?

3.       Do you leverage custom photography throughout the website, or is there too much stock photography? 

4.       Do you have a custom video to brand the practice?

5.       Do you currently video blog?

6.       How effective is the content on the site?

7.       Does the content already perform well for search engines, particularly Google?

8.       Does the content have a track record for engaging and converting visitors?

9.       Do we need to write additional content for the practice?

10.   Have you used your Google Analytics data to determine the content's effectiveness?

11.   How about using Google Analytics for your website’s effectiveness?

12.   How many pages do we need to rebuild, rewrite, or embed from your old website?

13.   Does the website include a blog? If so, how many posts? Are they relevant?  Are they optimized?

14.   What type of visitors are we intending to drive to the website?

15.   How do we intend to drive them to our website? 

16.   And once there, what destinations do we need to drive them to? 

17.   Does your marketing include media advertising? How does your website fit in the overall marketing picture or sales cycle?

18.   What synergy does our website have with our social media?

19.   What is a target goal for generating traffic?

20.   What is a target goal for converting them into telephone leads? Email leads? Live Chat leads?

Most practices simply buy a website because they want a more polished look, or are "sold" a website from a website designer without a real connection that encompasses underlying marketing needs and goals. 

Unfortunately, they find themselves 12 months later in the same cycle again, building a new website because they are not getting results they desired.

Your website is your central marketing hub for all your marketing efforts, and should be synergistically tied to the performance of all your marketing parts.  No longer can effective practice websites perform simply as an online brochure.

If you only want a quick, easy, inexpensive website, we are probably not a good candidate for your project.  If website performance, leads, and new clients are more important considerations, I invite you to collaborate with us to develop a more comprehensive plan.

I hope you found this helpful; and I look forward to sharing more with you. 


~ Bill Fukui, Director of Sales & Marketing