Why Super Short Videos are so Popular Online

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August 19, 2013

Long gone are the days of 1-minute, 3-minute, or even 5-minute videos. People’s attention spans have dwindled considerably over the last few years, especially with the recent arrivals of Vine and Instagram video.

People are learning how to tell their story or get their marketing message across to their audience within seconds. With these new mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, Vine only allows six second videos, and Instragram increased their time limit to a mighty 15 seconds per video. And these new apps have exploded and spread like wildfire. People can’t get enough of them!

Why Videos Only Seconds Long?

Notice that these two big video players are mobile apps created for mobile devices. People are on the go! They are checking their email, social media profiles and connecting to businesses via mobile devices, so why not watch videos, too?  When you’re busy, running around town, you can’t be bogged down with long videos. These new types of video formats are a much different viewing experience. They are short enough to upload and quickly view.

Shorter videos also encourages people to get even more creative with their videos because they only have a short amount of time to tell their story or share their message. Vine videos loop every six seconds, and people are using this to their benefit with interesting effects when the video circles back through itself. You can also start and stop recording for multiple shots, which can be used for fun stop-motion animations.

While Instagram videos don’t loop, they are attracting more traditional promotional videos. Companies can upload their short 15-second commercials now and share their products and services with a bit of extra time, compared to Vine videos.

Both platforms offer social sharing, so it’s getting much easier for interesting videos to become viral today. You may see Vine and/or Instagram videos pop up on your Facebook and/or Twitter feeds. When people share videos, potential for businesses to interact with their customers increases and helps to grow their brand.

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~ By Kelly Matsudaria, Marketing & Sales Coordinator