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In the age when social media has changed the way people communicate around the world. it’s often thought that distributing your business’s news solely via social media is enough. However, there is still very much a need and a benefit that press releases can provide in successfully promoting your business. This is not to say that social media is powerless by any means when it comes to getting the word out, but the value of a properly written and distributed release can help further deliver important messages in a credible and targeted way that reaches key audiences with messages that matter to them.

According to a Cision study from 2018, 63% of global respondents said they prefer news announcements and press releases more than other forms of content, "indicating that most reporters want to continue interacting with [PR] in the same way they have been historically." Press releases can start a chain reaction across numerous verticals, leading to exposure for your business on a much larger and more relevant scale.

So, with all of that being said, what really are the benefits press releases have in today’s day and age for your business? Here is a breakdown of 5 very important benefits of utilizing press releases:

1. Great for SEO

Well-written, optimized press releases that target relevant keywords can help populate the search engines with credible and relevant messaging around your business. In addition to the added exposure within the search engines, press releases can generate high-quality backlinks in an organic manner. If publishers begin referencing your business, you can not only get backlinks from those authoritative news sites themselves, but you can also generate additional backlinks from other reputable websites out there that read the news.

In addition to earning links, another key benefit of integrating press releases in your digital marketing strategy is generating citations for your business address. Search engines populate the results in local search listings by crawling authoritative domains that specify where your practice is located. By building a library of quality websites that specify your physical location and other details about your business, you strengthen your ability to show up in high-value searches when prospective clients look for your services locally.

2. Generating Buzz & Conversations

Press releases can provide strategic context for your business’s news that facilitate conversations between your business and prospective clients. Online press releases can generate significant traffic and visibility if people start sharing it over social media networks, thereby creating a buzz that was never possible with traditional press releases.

3. Additional Web Content

Once you have a press release written up and distributed online, that is not the end of it. You can use the material to create additional blog posts, articles and social media messaging to gain even more exposure and get your message out there.

4. Reinforcing Your Brand

With press releases nowadays being so easy to create and distribute, you can send out timely announcements at a much higher frequency, which will continually get the word out about what’s happening with your business. In the Cision study mentioned above, 44% of respondents said they trust press releases more than any other type of brand-related content.

Your brand is obviously important. By controlling how your business is constantly being viewed, you can create and amplify a consistent, engaging message. 

5. Expanding Your Reach

I touched on all of the added exposure that press releases can provide, but it does not necessarily end there. One of the main benefits of a press release is you never really know who might pick it up and where it will take your business. One press release could catch the eye of reporters and editors, resulting in various stories about your business in industry-related articles and/or magazines. This can lead to exposure to a whole group of prospective clients that has never heard of your business and is looking for your services.

Multi-Channel Marketing Solutions for Brand Messaging

Social media outlets have their powerful place in modern communication and have helped change the way businesses market their brand. But, when you need to deliver important marketing messages and get them in front of the right audiences, press releases further validate the authenticity of your message, drive engagement and improve the search performance of your brand.

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