Why PPC Complements Strong Organic Results

Internet Marketing for Attorneys, Surgeons, and Dentists

While I’ll be the first to admit that online marketing is still Search Engine Optimization (SEO) driven there are a wide array of uses, benefits and applications of Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing.  SEO services may be forefront in online marketing plans, but it is my belief that too often companies that acheive strong organic results view PPC marketing as an afterthought.  Today’s post outlines some of the more prominent reasons why PPC marketing can still serve a valuable role in your online marketing program, regardless of your search engine rankings.

One of the primary arguments for employing PPC alongside SEO is that space devoted to natural search engine results is quickly diminishing.  As organic results continue to be pushed below the fold (what you see without scrolling down on a web page) more and more space is committed to PPC listings.  As evidenced in the picture below, Google is committing less and less of their pages to organic results.  This ensures organic results are losing prominence, visibility and ultimately traffic.  In contrast, pay-per-click advertisements (the sponsored links) are highly visible and accompanied by a brief description of the value derived from clicking on them.
What's Above the Fold When You Google 'Denver Personal Injury Lawyer'?
With PPC marketing’s wide set of benefits and applications this post could be quite lengthy were it to evaluate all of them, instead I’m going to focus on just one more application that complements SEO.  If you’re interested in the wider array of benefits and applications continue on to The Value of  Pay Per Click Lead or Is PPC Worth It? to read more.
Through PPC marketing you can effectively target, and advertise to, specific search terms that may not be achievable via SEO.  For highly competitive keywords PPC can help you circumnavigate SEO costs that may drastically exceed the value you’d derive from such page listings.  By utilizing PPC to advertise you can improve your SEO efforts by strictly focusing your SEO on a concentrated set of keywords.  In doing so you can obtain PPC traffic from a broader set of keywords while ensuring you don’t dilute your SEO by trying to optimize for too many keywords.
My point here is that any comprehensive online marketing plan should view pa-per-click marketing and Search Engine Optimization as compliments rather than alternatives.  In doing so you’ll drastically increase visibility, traffic and ultimately online business.