Why Live Chat Is More Important Than You Think

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Page 1 Solutions -
February 25, 2016

In the early days of internet marketing, it was fine to just have a website with your local phone number as your primary means of client communication. Today, however, that isn’t the case. These days, in a culture driven by instant gratification, you need to have some form of outlet for clients from all walks of life to contact you. This is why having a live chat service as a tool on your practice website is so crucial.

The sole purpose of many of your marketing channels is to drive traffic to your website. In his new eBook Win With Multi-Channel Digital Marketing, author and Page 1 Solutions President Dan Goldstein suggests that If you are not currently using chat, you’re losing customers.  Those visitors that you have spent your time and money on in order to bring to your website will leave without ever contacting you.

Average consumers are looking to connect with a representative in a way that is most convenient for them. Sometimes that is through an email, tweet, phone call or a chat with a live representative. Multiple studies from industry leaders have shown that:

  •  73% of consumers say that their level of satisfaction is higher with a live chat communication than with any other form of communication.

  • 79% of website visitors say that they prefer chat as a form of communicating due to its timeliness and ease of communication.

  • 42% of consumers say that it is extremely important to discuss matters with a live person right away without the frustrations of being placed on hold.

  • 60% of consumers say that they hate waiting for more than a minute to have their questions answered.

It is important to stay in front of the consumers you’re trying to reach. It is even more important for these prospective leads to be able to connect with you. Live chat is another great strategy to add to your marketing efforts.

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Jake Johnson- Internet Marketing Consultant