Why Is My SEO Company Charging Me a Monthly Fee?

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By Christian Stack, Internet Marketing Consultant

Many SEO agencies charge monthly fees for their services. Often, the question arises “Why is my SEO company charging me a monthly fee? Didn’t they already optimize my site? They’re charging me for doing nothing!”

So why exactly are these SEO companies still charging an ongoing monthly fee after they have optimized your site? What gives?

SEO is not easy. It’s also not a one-and-done process. SEO isn’t something that is just installed on your site and forgotten about. Your SEO team is not just working on your site and calling it good. And even with the work they initially do on your site, this represents only the beginning of a dynamic marketing strategy.

Man with glasses looks at desktop computerWhat are the aspects of ongoing optimization? Why is ongoing optimization important? Read on to learn more.

Changes in Search Landscape

Google bases rankings of websites on an algorithm that has over 200 ranking criteria, and it constantly tweaks this algorithm. In fact, it can update this algorithm over 500 times a year, according to some sources. A good SEO team is constantly staying on top of changes in the search landscape, updates to the algorithm and new best practices. They are then applying these updates to your site.

This is one of the biggest aspects of ongoing optimization, and one of the biggest reasons for monthly fees for ongoing optimization. 

Fluctuations in Keyword Search Demand

Keywords change in search volume, or keyword demand. Essentially, this is the number of people searching for a given keyword on average per month. The more people searching for a specific keyword, the more potential traffic that keyword can bring you.

A good SEO team uses a schedule to research the changes in keyword demand and responds accordingly. This means that as your potential customers are using new terms to find your service or product, your SEO team is working to make sure you’re showing up for these new terms.

Ongoing Link Building

Backlinks imageThis is probably the most important aspect of ongoing optimization. As I discussed in my previous blog post on not letting a poor-quality site affect your ability to gain links, link building is still important.

A link to your site can be viewed as a vote to your site. It signals to Google that the site linking to you thinks you’re a good source of relevant, trustworthy information. In turn, Google ranks you higher for the more votes you get.

Yes, good content gains you links. You’re not going to get good links to your site if the content on the site is subpar or inaccurate. But good content alone doesn’t go out and get you links. That’s where your monthly fee to your SEO company comes into play.

A good SEO company is constantly researching links. Team members are finding sites that would be interested in your content and pitching it to them. They are finding sites with similar interests and sharing your content with them. And, if they’re on top of link research, they are monitoring your competition and making sure that you stay ahead of them in link building.

Ongoing Optimization Check Up

Of course, these are really just the main points of ongoing optimization. It's always a good idea to check in on your optimization campaign, especially if you feel you could be getting better results. If you have any concerns about what your SEO agency is doing for you, please contact myself or any one of our team at Page 1 Solutions, and we’d be happy to discuss your SEO strategy.