Why Emotion Is Important to Your Online Marketing

Internet Marketing for Attorneys, Surgeons, and Dentists

Theodore Roosevelt said it best: “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Even if President Roosevelt didn’t realize it, this statement couldn’t be more true to marketing. When you make an emotional connection with your potential clients, they are more likely to buy from you.

In the legal and medical industries, the question for many potential clients and patients becomes: Why? Why do I need veneers? Why do I need this lip filler? Why should I get a lawyer? If your answer is to automatically say, “Because it can improve your life,” I urge you to reevaluate. For a moment, step out of your professional shoes and into those of your client.

Rather than say “because you need it,” tell them why. Market yourself to their emotional side and say: “You told me that you were self-conscious about smiling. I KNOW we can change that with these veneers.” By being empathetic and showing an understanding of where your clients are coming from, you’re able to build a rapport.

Put Empathy in Action

By doing so, you’re able to show clients that you have their best interest at heart.  You’re able to do this by asking about their personal lives, taking an interest in them and really listening. Your clients will more than likely talk about their favorite subject: themselves. This allows for you to truly have your finger on the pulse. When the time comes for you to make a recommendation, you will be able to take the past conversations and use that to your advantage.

Take Client Feelings Into Account

Why shouldn’t your marketing efforts be the same way? Instead of explaining that you’re the best doctor, the best surgeon, or the best attorney because of where you went to school, the awards you’ve won, and which organizations have recognized you, market your practice to how and what your clients are feeling and thinking. If you were to search “how to get my pre-baby body back,” you’re more than likely not going to click on a result that describes a mommy makeover in doctor jargon. You would want your marketing content and ads to be nurturing, understanding, and congratulatory on their new aspect of life. Show that you understand and are appreciative of your client’s life experience, needs, and goals.

Don’t be afraid to build that emotional connection with your clients. When you place yourself out there and connect with your clientele as if they were one of your family, it truly resonates with them.

Personalize Your Practice Online

Many practices feel that there is a disconnect between their in-office service and their online presence. You want the experience to be seamless from the moment the client is doing internet research to the time they are in your office. Can you show photos of your staff enjoying being at work or write a blog about a great community service event that you all attended? These items can help to bridge that emotional marketing gap that so many practices have.

Be a champion for your clients, educate them, listen to their needs and wants. If you’re able to provide them the same experience online as they receive in your chair, they will return the favor. Not only will they start to become comfortable with your practice and the services and products you offer, but also start to recommend you to their family and friends.

If you have any questions about emotional marketing and how to integrate it in your comprehensive digital strategy, I encourage you to reach out to your IMC or call Page 1 Solutions at 800-368-9910.