Timing Is Everything: When to Ask for a Review

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It may not surprise you to hear that when someone is looking to contact your practice, they are more than likely looking at your reviews. The reason is because these reviews hold a glimpse of the truth of how you handle your customer interactions.

The question is not only how you can gain more positive reviews, but when is the best time to ask for them and how. You want positive reviews, and the more of them the better. But there is a certain art to obtaining them: It requires you to be tactful, genuine and consistent in your efforts. Below you will find a few proven strategies to generate new positive reviews through good timing.

Focus on the Review Right Away.

I once worked with a lawyer who was a master of gaining reviews from his clients. Often times during our monthly calls, I’d be shocked that he received anywhere from 2-8 new reviews a month. As this isn’t easily accomplished, I asked what his secret was. He told me that with any case he took on, he would find a way to plant the seed of the client eventually leaving a review. The conversations where it came up varied depending on the topic, but it roughly would go something like this:

“I agree to take your case, and when we are able to get the settlement that I know we will, if you could leave me a review on Google, that’d be greatly appreciated.”

The reason this works is because no matter where he was in the process with the client, he would continually remind them before he even handed them the settlement check. By the time the check was cut, the client already knew that it was important for them to give honest feedback about their experience.

You can certainly do this in your practice, too. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer, a doctor or a dentist, the formula is the same. Be consistent with the need for the client to leave a review. Broach the subject in a non-pushy but conversational way. And, by the end of the relationship, be sure to really bring it home by saying:

“I am so glad that you’re happy with your results. Would you mind leaving a review on Facebook saying just what you told me? I’d really like for others to know about your experience.”

Talk about Everyone’s Favorite Subject: Themselves.

An important guideline to remember when asking for reviews is that you want to be genuine. This is probably one of the most surefire ways to turn the client’s satisfaction into action and get them to publish their review.

Whenever your client comes in for their follow-up appointment or to receive their settlement check, be sure to compliment them on the work you’ve done. This not only builds on their already boosted confidence, but also helps to plant the seed of the reason why they should leave you a review.

There Is No Me in Reviews, But There Is a We.

If only one person is doing the heavy lifting and asking for the reviews, you’re going to miss more opportunities than if you have your entire team asking for them. Remember, baseball is played with 9 players, not just the pitcher.

Don’t Give Up.

It may be a little discouraging at first, but the more often you’re asking clients for reviews, the more likely they are to leave them. This doesn’t all have to be through face-to-face interactions, although that does help.

I would also recommend that you send out emails with the links directly to the platform where you’d like the review left. You may need to follow up a couple of different ways before it sticks with the client, but keep at it and eventually, your persistence will pay off.


To recap, be sure to talk to your clients about leaving a review both before and after they receive the amazing results you can provide them. It is important to plant the seed early in the relationship so you can see the fruits of your labor. You’ll also want to compliment them on the outcome of the service and be genuine in your conversations. Gaining reviews is a full team sport, so you should be sure to have everyone asking for them. Even when you strike out on gaining reviews, remember that they do not come easily; it can take a few times before someone might leave you one.

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