What your online marketing agency is NOT sharing with you

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Page 1 Solutions -
July 13, 2016

Organic SEO and website design are typically the majority of conversation between most practices and their online marketing agency.  What probably isn’t being discussed are key changes in consumer search patterns and channel usage (apps), that can change how you think about your SEO campaign and the channels and platforms you use to target and reach your audience. 

 Here are some important search engine facts and Google Trends that should change how you market your practice online.

New online trends worth knowing in 2016

  1. More people are online now in 2016 than ever before in our history.  That said, computer, smart phone and tablet users aren’t spending their time online the same way we have grown accustomed to, especially when it comes to how they are using search engines, like Google, now. Smartphone users only spend about 12% of their time in Google-related apps.  Take a look at recent statistics showing the amount of time people spend on Google compared apps owned by other major companies. 
  1. When looking at professional service provider industries like legal services, surgeon practices, dental offices, etc., we noticed that the actual search volume trend for popular keyword phrases, even in major metropolitan markets like Los Angeles, show a declining volume over the last several years on Google.

  1. Does that mean consumers are not using search engines to research your services or providers?  Of course not.  They have modified how they search and the information they are wanting. Trends for terms like “attorney reviews,” “surgeon reviews,” ”dentist near me,” and others have remained stable or even increased. Not surprising, Google Trends also shows the volume of review-related searches validate the importance of marketing positive reviews and ratings.
  1. Your competitors are not only starting to notice the importance of new online marketing services and tactics, they are implementing strategies that can effectively boost their results by cutting the water with different online marketing services that are less cluttered and penetrated.  Google Trends show consistent growth in research for a number of different Internet marketing services, including inbound marketing, social media marketing, YouTube advertising (pre-roll video ads), retargeting, marketing automation and others.  All of these marketing tactics show a steady rise over the last several years. 

What you need to know!

When you create Internet marketing campaigns and strategies today, you really can’t solely rely on organic SEO to do all the heavy lifting and keep your phone ringing with new leads.  Although organic SEO is still very important, other marketing strategies that utilize diverse online channels are now necessary to target and proactively drive quality traffic to your website.

One of the most important aspects about some of the newer marketing channels and platforms available is the ability to more accurately target your ideal prospect demographics that fall within specific geographic locations to your practice and at the right time. 

Unlike any time in the past, we can now target people through targeted contextual and behavioral searches.  For example, we can display compelling messages, including videos, to prospective clients while they are in the midst of reading relevant content on other websites.

In many cases, even when search volume is down for our traditional “go-to” keyword phrases, we are still able to increase traffic and leads to the website at a low cost per lead.

Marketing Services You May Not Be Utilizing, But Should  

Here are just a few marketing services that you may have heard about or have been thinking of implementing. More than ever, it will pay to diversify and take a more active role in driving online traffic and business to your practice:   

Whether we like it or not, the internet is ever-changing and always evolving.  How we access your market and effectively market your practice website has changed too.  Being proactive and understanding online trends has allowed Page 1 Solutions to stay in front of changes while informing our clients of these important trends as they are happening.

My name is Brent Critchfield and I am an Internet Sales Consultant for Page 1 Solutions.  Over the last 5 years, I have noticed a lot of changes in online marketing trends and strategies, from how people search for what they are looking for online to how and where specifically they are spending their time online.   

Whether you are happy with your practices’ online presence or you are interested to see if you could be doing more to capture a higher return and more impactful results, I encourage you to take advantage of Page 1 Solutions NEW and FREE comprehensive Internet marketing evaluation and analysis.   

I look forward to introducing myself to you and having the opportunity to provide your business free added insight regarding your online marketing efforts and presence. 

~ Brent Critchfield, Internet Sales Consultant