What Is The Cost For a Mobile-Responsive Dental Website?

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What is the cost for a mobile-responsive dental website?  This is an increasingly common question after Google announced that mobile friendliness will be a ranking factor, and that they prefer mobile-responsive websites. 

What is a Mobile-responsive Website?

A mobile-responsive website is developed to automatically change the layout and organization of your website pages when a visitor accesses your website through a tablet or smartphone.  The objective is to make it easier for your patients and prospective patients to navigate, view and use your website, regardless of what type of device they are using, and goes beyond just shrinking your website to “fit” in a smaller screen. 

Google recognizes it is a multi-device Web and will reward dental websites that make it easier for their users.

Six Variables That Impact The Cost Of A Mobile-Responsive Websites

Mobile-responsive dental websites require more sophisticated programming to instantly adjust to all different types of browsers.  So the cost is generally higher than old static websites.  However, there are some specific elements that can impact the effectiveness, but also the cost of a responsive dental website.

  1. Size – The number of pages of your website will have an impact on cost.   Of course, websites with lots of pages will take more time to develop than websites with fewer pages.
  2. New Content – In some cases, it is necessary to re-write existing pages and/or add completely new pages to help your visitors.  Custom, optimized copy writing will add to the cost of a website, but in most cases, will make a difference in your search engine rankings.
  3. Animation, Special Effects, Custom Graphics – New technology today offers the opportunity to build websites with much more visual impact and interactivity.  No longer are you stuck with flash animation. 
  4. Custom Video Production – Website marketing is more about relationship building and less about advertising; and nothing works better than custom video.  The dentist or practice that builds rapport faster and on a deeper level with internet users will earn leads.  In addition, video can impact your overall SE result, as well as results for mobile users.  Plan on high quality video costing $2,000-$10,000 depending on the type and amount of videos to be produced.
  5. Custom Photography – More and more practices are recognizing this relationship-building opportunity and replacing stock photography with high quality custom photos of your dentist, team, office, and patients.  Custom photography can cost $1,000 or more, but is definitely worth it in the world of online marketing.
  6. Before And After Gallery – Your before and after gallery is one of your most valuable marketing resources.  How you display them and the number of images you have on your site will impact the cost.  However, this section of the website is so critical that the cost is negligible relative to the marketing power it can wield.  Don’t skimp on this section.

What Is The Cost For A Mobile-Responsive Dental Website?

Taking into account the variables above, along with a large number of other considerations, a custom, mobile-responsive dental website can range from $7,000 on the low end, to $20,000 or more.

What elements your dental website needs and the total cost of it will depend on 1) the type of practice, 2) your target demographics, 3) the scope of your services, and 4) the level of your competition.  In smaller, rural markets your needs are going to be much different than a dentist located in the center of a large metropolitan market with intense competition.