What’s Missing From Your Website

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Developing Strategic Pages For Your Users

Your website needs to do so much more today than ever.  Not only does it need to be authoritative and get high Google listings and traffic, but it needs to help move prospective clients through the decision-making process.  

And considering prospects will visit multiple websites before picking up the phone and calling, you need to incorporate pages and resources in your website that separate you from the competition.

By investing time to strategize new page that are missing from your website (or upgrading existing key pages), you can:

  • Differentiate your practice and increase your credibility and authority
  • Develop stronger rapport and greater trust with visitors
  • Increase lead conversions
  • Provide visitors with resources they can use even after leaving your website

To help you start visualizing a more resourceful website and prime your “creative” pump, here are a handful of pages I typically find missing on many practice websites.  Oh, and another important suggestion:  Don’t just create these strategic pages and forget about them. You need to promote them in highly visible calls-to-action, your navigation menu, and especially through links in you sales follow up. Don’t just hope visitors find them; actively funnel your users to them.Bill showing what is missing from your website

About Your Consultation Page

Almost every practice website I visit promotes a consultation as the primary call-to-action offer. Unfortunately, you may know all about what goes on and what to expect, but the majority of your prospects have never experienced one, especially your consultations. 

Many times, the biggest barrier for consumers to overcome is the “unknown”.  Break down this wall and open your practice by providing an overview of what they should expect, so they not only understand what is involved, but the value it provides.  This is much more than just the ‘Contact Us’ page.

I would consider this page one of your priority “destination pages” and take the time to develop it as such.  Some things you may want to consider and include:

  • What to expect:  What is the process; how long will it take; items is need to bring; primary goals; what you will get from it; value/cost
  • Why you provide it
  • Differentiators in your consultations
  • Quotes/testimonials
  • Custom video
  • Photos, images
  • Promote a Consultation Request Line, as well as a request form (but focus primarily on phone calls!)

Invest the time and resources to develop a strategic page and you will see a boost in your requests for a consultation.

Financing Page

We all recognize how important costs and fees are to prospective customers.  This is particularly true when it comes to professional services that they perceive as expensive.  If you don’t have or promote a financing page, then you need to incorporate this into your “buyer’s cycle” strategy.  In most cases, we find the financing page is one of the most visited pages of our clients’ websites.

These pages should be written in an empathetic manner that relates to your prospects feelings and letting them know that it is “okay” to feel the way that they do.  However, let them know how you and your practice can make high-end services available for almost any budget.

List all of their payment options and provide descriptions of each, including any special offers.

I recommend you use third-party logos and trust seals, but avoid adding online application links that:

     1) take visitors away from your site

     2) uses critical state-of-mind timing to promote other vendors’ services

     3) distracts users from your primary objective – CALLING YOU.

Leverage the fact that financing is intimidating for most people and offer personal assistance to help them make decisions that fits their needs.

Another suggestion is to “call out the elephant in the room” and use cost as a compelling call-to-action.  Offer to provide cost and assistance to find the best plan. 

Here is an example: If you would like cost information, as well as assistance to find the best payment option for you, call us at (012) 345-6789.

When done correctly and promoted effectively, your Financing page can be one of your most important destination pages.

How To Compare Page: A Consumer Guide

Even though the Internet is overflowing with information for consumers to research their interests and concerns, most prospective clients are still left struggling with how to compare the quality of your practice from the plethora of other providers in your market. Much like explaining the consultation process, helping consumers identify key performance indicators for interested services can differentiate your practice and create the opportunity to earn their business.

Keep in mind, your target customers are not likely in the market for your service enough to know what to look for, or even more important, what questions they need to ask.

An important element to arming potential clients with useful information and insightful questions is that you have the opportunity to provide them with your well thought-out and articulated answers.  When they use your questions as they call unsuspecting competitor practices, you will have a distinct advantage.  Not only have your provided more planned responses, yours will in a more tangible format and positioned as a consumer resource with greater credibility.

Here are some tips to help you develop a more effective “How To Compare” page:

  • Emphasize the importance of printing or downloading this guide-formatted page and make it easy for them.  Stay top-of-mind long after they leave your website!
  • Include key criteria, but also provide strategic questions they need to ask with your response.
  • Keep your responses on-point and avoid getting too long and overly salesy.  Quality and concise content is the goal.
  • Try to keep the overall length to one printed page.
  • Design it with branded colors and graphics
  • Always include your contact information at the bottom of the page 

These are just a small handful of ideas for more strategic pages that most practices have either overlooked or under leveraged.  If you would like to collaborate or learn about other ideas for pages, call us at (303) 233-3886.