Website Design Digest: SalesLeadership, Inc.

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The longstanding relationship between Page 1 Solutions and SalesLeadership, Inc. is one of mutual benefit and respect. For more than 15 years, our account services and sales team members have grown through hands-on training with company president and founder Colleen Stanley.

For her recent website residesign, Colleen made it a priority to highlight her experience as an acclaimed speaker, sales trainer, and author while also providing easy access to a range of complimentary online resources on sales development and consulting services. Let's take a look at the new website design for:

SalesLeadership, Inc.

The main menu balances straightfoward labeling of services with access to a wide range of different sections. Many resources on the website are available for free, including webinars, podcasts, eBooks, and more. Colleen appears in original videos throughout the website to answer common questions about sales training and address issues frequently faced by sales teams.

Colleen and her team feature prominently in custom photos of the sales training workshops. These interactive and informative sessions help salespeople and their managers learn selling skills and emotional intelligence abilities that drive more leads and close more deals.

In addition to information on the training and consulting programs at SalesLeadership, Inc., the new website also highlights Colleen's experience as an in-demand keynote and business speaker. Many of the banner images on each page are pictures of Colleen's speaking engagements at conferences and events from around the world.

Check out the new website for Colleen Stanley and SalesLeadership, Inc. at today.