Website Design Digest: Ophthalmology - August 2017

Website Design and SEO for LASIK Surgeons and Ophthalmologists

By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist

Board-certified ophthalmologist Stephen Wilmarth, M.D., has dedicated his career to excellence in eye care. The home page banner for his redesigned website makes the same pledge, with the updated aesthetic positioned to draw the attention of new and current patients.

With the new design, the website for Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center looks good. Now users seeking eye care in Northern California can see how Dr. Wilmarth helps patients look well.

Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center

The eyes act as windows to other areas of the website, with ocular-themed next-step graphics pointing visitors to information about LASIK and other vision services. Pages on the site are designed for maximum readability, with subheadings and bullet point lists making it easy for users to scan for details while still absorbing the major takeaways.

Internet users today look for eye doctors differently. Dr. Wilmarth accounts for the different prospective patients accessing his website with a mobile-first design that accommodates users on smartphones and tablet devices.

Intuitive menus help visitors move through a website. The new design highlights the key practice areas at Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center in understandable terms so potential patients can get the full benefit of Dr. Wilmarth's more than 35 years of experience as an eye surgeon and ophthalmologist.

A brief bio for Dr. Wilmarth on the home page discusses not only his professional background but his longstanding family connection to Sacramento and the Bay Area. Another call-to-action links to the Testimonials gallery, where patients share their satisfaction with the care at Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center.

See what's new on the website for Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center by visiting today.