Website Design Digest: Legal – September 2019

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Experience is crucial when deciding which attorney to hire. However, more often than not, the clinching factor comes with the care and respect the lawyers and staff employ when interacting with prospective clients.

The new custom legal website design for The Gordon Law Firm builds a connection with visitors by emphasizing both the caring attitude of the attorneys and their effectiveness in helping clients navigate the court system in Virginia.

The Gordon Law Firm

custom website design for The Gordon Law Firm

- Practice areas: Criminal defense, DUI, reckless driving

- Location: Fairfax, Virginia

- Date website went live: Sept. 26, 2019

- URL:

- Internet Marketing Consultant Aaron Ziemann on the new website for The Gordon Law Firm:

Aaron Ziemann, Internet Marketing Consultant at Page 1 Solutions"So many attorneys (and professional services businesses in general) make the mistake of using their website as a digital brochure and information dump. But the real purpose of a website is to guide visitors through the purchase decision process, and is a shining example of that. When someone needs a defense attorney, they are stressed out! Their whole world just got turned upside-down and, at a very vulnerable time in their life, they now how to place an immense amount of faith and trust into someone else to help get their life back on track. Not only is the website copy explicitly empathetic of that, every section of the site and the order in which they appear has a strategic purpose and answers the visitor's biggest burning questions. In short, The Gordon Law Firm's website is primed to be an effective tool and was brilliantly executed. I'm very proud of what the Page 1 team accomplished with this site, and I look forward to working closely with Alex and Carlos."