Website Design Digest: Legal – April 2019, Part 2

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

For some of our attorney and law firm clients, moving to a new city makes a new website design a necessity. When attorney Raymond E. Areshenko decided to move to Reno, Nevada, and establish the main office for REA Law in "The Biggest Little City in the World," Page 1 Solutions worked with the client to create a new website to match the new community and the new clients his firm will serve.

Here is a look at the new website design Page 1 Solutions created for REA Law:


mobile-first custom website for REA Law - attorney Raymond E. Areshenko

- Practice areas: Car accidents, premises liability, personal injury

- Date website went live: April 25, 2019

- URL:

- Quote from James Lawrence, Internet Marketing Consultant, on the REA Law website:

James Lawrence, Internet Marketing Consultant at Page 1 Solutions"Ray Areshenko is new to Reno, and he needed a new website to bring in new clients in Nevada. I think the custom website design will be a huge draw. It has a compelling appearance and clear navigation. The content does a great job of reflecting Mr. Areshenko's experience and building a connection with clients. I look forward to working with REA Law and helping Mr. Areshenko achieve his goals."