Website Design Digest: Dental – May 2017

Website Design and SEO for Dentists

By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist

The word “pinnacle” means “the highest point.” True to its name, Pinnacle Dental Aesthetics strives to deliver the highest level of care. And, similarly, the recently updated practice website design delivers a premier online experience.

Read on to find out what elevates the new custom look of the website:

Pinnacle Dental Aesthetics

The image greeting users to the home page is a photo of an actual patient who visited Pinnacle Dental Aesthetics for her smile treatment. Pictures of real patients play a major role in the updated design, from banner images on the practice area pages to before-and-after photos of cosmetic procedures and TMJ treatment to imagery accompanying the testimonials.

One patient's comment about how Pinnacle Dental Aesthetics enhanced her smile before her wedding appears in a special block quote on every page of the website. This feature is a testament both to the practice's quality of care and the appreciation patients feel.

The “Why Choose Us” section on the home page provides additional information to help prospective patients know what they can expect. Overlaid on a photo of the well-appointed waiting room, the parallax scrolling in this section gives visitors an inside look at the office.

A photo of the dentists at Pinnacle Dental Aesthetics – all of them flashing their smiles – further personalizes the home page. Users who want to read more about Drs. Zonghetti, Bergman and Ingoldsby can visit their respective bio pages, or learn about what they do by clicking next-step graphics linking to pages on major procedures and practice areas.

Pinnacle Dental Aesthetics is an award-winning dental office in the Boston area. Visit to see what sets the redesigned website apart.