Website Design Digest: AMRX

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By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist

Dr. Lora L. Brown is one of the first physicians in Florida who is approved by the state's health department to recommend medical marijuana for chronic pain and other serious conditions. With the recent launch of her new practice website, Dr. Brown has a robust platform for engaging and educating prospective patients.

Let's look at the custom design for this leading medical cannabis facility:

Access Marijuana RX

The centerpiece of both the website design and content for AMRX is instructive, step-by-step messaging. Visitors to the website can read about and select a symptom or condition, then click on one of the next-step graphics for more information about pain relief. After reading about the potential benefits of medical marijuana, users can easily navigate to areas of the website where they can schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Brown or book an appointment at her office in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Dr. Brown has witnessed the positive impact of medical cannabis on many patients' management of chronic pain and other symptoms. Several of these patients share their experience with Access Marijuana RX in the website's Reviews gallery, with an excerpt of one of these positive reviews on the home page prominently attesting to the quality of care at AMRX.

In addition to helping patients, Dr. Brown makes it a mission to help educate local communities about medical marijuana and relevant Florida laws. Pages on the website discuss the state's recently passed Amendment 2 and its impact on access to medical cannabis in Florida, while several blog posts on the site share stories of physician-led events in which Dr. Brown and her team have been involved, complete with custom video footage and photos.

Find out what makes Access Marijuana RX diffferent by visiting the new website today: Read about pricing, qualifying conditions and more.