Web Design Digest: Plastic Surgery – February 2016

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Aesthetics are a key element of any plastic surgery website. Page 1 Solutions recently launched the websites for four new plastic surgery clients. Let's take a look at what sets these sites apart.

Allure Plastic Surgery

At Allure Plastic Surgery, the patient’s health and well-being is the main focus. The Board-certified plastic surgeons at Allure have been serving New York City, Manhattan, Long Island, and the surrounding areas since 1990. They offer a variety of plastic surgery procedures, as well as non-surgical treatment options. 

The goal of this soothing new website is to educate and answer potential patient questions. The site design is very welcoming and intuitive, and has lots of information readily available for anyone interested in "meeting" the doctors and learning more about the safest and the most up-to-date procedures offered. The home page has six large call-to-action buttons for quick and easy access to the most popular areas of the site.

In addition to this, visitors can also learn about particular procedures by visiting the frequently asked questions page. They can also see the possibilities by accessing the multiple photo and video galleries, sorted by procedure and/or surgeon.

To learn more about Allure Plastic Surgery please visit http://www.newyorkplasticsurgeryallure.com/ today.

Associates in Plastic Surgery

The stunning banner on the home page of the Associates in Plastic Surgery website poses a simple question: “Why Not Look Your Best?” The practice took this same message to heart when designing its new website.

Photos of the doctors, the office, and actual patients are seamlessly integrated into multiple aspects of the Web design. Associates in Plastic Surgery has compiled image galleries of more than 35 different procedures, each containing before-and-after pictures of satisfied patients.

Images of a particular treatment appear in a sidebar module on the corresponding procedure landing page, along with a block where users can select video clips of the doctors and patients discussing the procedure. Prominent links to patient reviews, the blog, and other frequently visited sections of the website complement these engaging features.

The scrolling bio section of the home page tells visitors more about the doctors who perform these procedures, while highly visible calls-to-action provide convenient access to high-level content on breast, body, and facial surgery options, as well as non-surgical treatments. The home page also hosts a sliding reviews segment displaying positive feedback from actual patients both in text and on video.

Visit the new Associates in Plastic Surgery website at http://www.associatesinplasticsurgery.com/ today!

Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery

Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery integrates the three cornerstones of the practice philosophy – integrity, relationships, and results – into the new website design. Each element plays a crucial role in the layout and aesthetics.

Dr. Ali and Dr. Tamir Mosharrafa understand that patients need to know they are in good hands. Combining custom content and photography, “The Mosharrafa Experience” is brought to vivid life through prominent quotes from the surgeons and a sliding video module on the home page. Users also learn what to expect when visiting the office in person by viewing actual images of the Phoenix, Arizona, office throughout the site .

In addition to regularly updating the website with information about special offers and upcoming events, Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery has cultivated relationships with a number of satisfied patients. Their thoughts about their experience with the practice become an integral part of the design through a rotating reviews sidebar that appears on every page.  

Input from patients is important, but visitors can see actual results by looking through the site's online galleries. The photo gallery features high-quality images of patients before and after undergoing procedures of the body, breasts, or face at Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery, while the video gallery features patients discussing their “Experience” on camera.   

Visit the new Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery website at http://www.mosharrafa.com/.

The Zwiebel Center for Plastic Surgery and Skin Care

The image of Botticelli's Venus adorns the masthead of Dr. Paul Zwiebel's plastic surgery website. Though his practice pays homage to an iconic painting, Dr. Zwiebel's canvas is the human form, and the design of his new site spotlights these living works of art.

Photos of actual patients serve as the banner image at the top of many pages on the website. Users who want to see more of these pictures can visit the gallery section. In addition to high-quality before-and-after photos, several of the procedure galleries also contain age, height, and weight information about the patients, demonstrating the wide-ranging applications of these treatment options.

Links to the gallery are represented as conspicuous calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout the design. Users who want to learn about other aspects of the practice can click on CTAs bearing photos of individuals connected with the practice, including the Reviews section (accompanied by a photo of an actual patient) and the “Meet Dr. Paul Zwiebel” block (with a picture of Dr. Zwiebel).

Another design element enhanced by a custom image replicates the experience patients have when visiting the practice in real life. Staff member Amy is with each patient from their first appointment through recovery, and she also greets users online as the face featured on the embedded contact form.

Learn more about The Zwiebel Center for Plastic Surgery and Skin Care by checking out the new website: https://www.drzwiebel.com/.

By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist, Page 1 Solutions
Maarit Kaaihue, Creative Director, Page 1 Solutions