Web Design Digest: Legal – November 2016

Website Design and SEO for Attorneys and Law Firms

When searching for an attorney, clients want to know that they can trust the information they find online. One of the most compelling ways to build trust on a legal website is personalized imagery.

The following law firms both realized the benefits of custom photography in the new designs of their practice websites:

Green Savits, LLC

Legal Website Redesign for Green Savits, LLC in Florham Park, NJAs employment law attorneys, the law firm of Green Savits projects a professional image that speaks to prospective clients. Elements of the design highlight the firm’s expertise on employee advocacy – from a site-wide Verdicts & Settlements section to practice area CTAs on the home page – but the pictures of the attorneys stand out most prominently.

Lawyers at Green Savits frequently update the information on their website with developments in the realm of employment law. In addition to finding out what the attorneys know, prospective clients can also see the people who will be handling their case.

Four virtues drive advocacy at this New Jersey law firm: Expertise, Leadership, Credibility, and Results. Green Savits creates a visual emphasis on each of these values via this website redesign.

Visit the updated website for Green Savits, LLC at https://www.greensavits.com/ today.

Hayes Law

Custom Legal Website Design - Hayes Law in Greensboro, NCThe banner on the new Hayes Law website immediately tells visitors that the firm isn’t afraid to accept difficult claims. However, tough doesn’t mean inaccessible – something clearly evident in the site’s custom photos, which emphasize a hands-on approach to serving clients.

Attorneys and staff appear in pictures throughout the website to highlight the accessibility of the Hayes Law team. A featured review on the home page praises this exact attribute.

A lantern is the symbol of Hayes Law, and the website strives to shine a light on practice area information as well as what plaintiffs can expect from the firm. Next-step graphics throughout the site direct visitors to pages on prominent case types, and the online Video Studio features animated clips exploring the personal injury claims process and how Hayes Law can help.

Clients with injury claims in and around Greensboro, North Carolina, can learn about Hayes Law by visiting https://www.hayeslawnc.com/ today.

By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist, Page 1 Solutions