Web Design Digest: Legal – February 2016

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Both of the new law firm designs debuted by Page 1 Solutions in February provide users with intuitive access to an extensive variety of legal information. Here is a look at how these two practice websites earn the trust of potential clients through accessibility.

The Law Office of Thomas C. Bradley

Business disputes are often complex, but Thomas Bradley made simplifying access to information about these cases a key aspect of his recent website redesign. The home page banner displays links to pages on several of the major case types Mr. Bradley accepts, immediately helping visitors understand some of their legal options.

The theme of building the trust of users continues further down the home page. The “Meet Tom Bradley” section briefly discusses the principal attorney’s background, while the “Why Hire a Business Dispute Lawyer” section highlights the necessity of counsel in these cases.

Client testimonials are integrated in multiple areas of the design, including the home page and a right sidebar feature on internal pages. Both modules scroll through input from a number of different clients who were satisfied with the representation they received from the Law Office of Thomas C. Bradley. Many of the reviews emphasize how frequently the selected clients recommend Mr. Bradley to others – a sign of excellence in an industry so dependent on relationships as business.

Learn about the Law Office of Thomas C. Bradley by visiting his redesigned website: http://www.tombradleylaw.com/.

Kirtland & Packard – Courtroom Warrior

Kirtland & Packard was founded in 1932, but the firm continues to stay cutting-edge with the recent launch of the new Courtroom Warrior website. The new site combines intuitive navigation and an open design with sophisticated functionality that emphasizes the user experience.

The home page banner consists of a video featuring the senior partner discussing the principles on which the firm was founded and how it serves clients. This personalization of the firm continues on the interior of the site, with many of the banner images consisting of custom photos of the Kirtland & Packard – Courtroom Warrior team and the office.

Helping clients find pertinent legal information quickly and conveniently is a guiding principle of the new design. The home page practice area calls-to-action (CTAs), for example, list over a dozen of the key types of claims accepted by the firm and link to corresponding pages with custom content describing the case. Other sections tell users at a glance the current cases accepted by Kirtland & Packard – Courtroom Warrior, firm news, and even an interactive slider with brief bios of the attorneys and staff.

Visit the new website for Kirtland & Packard – Courtroom Warrior by clicking this link: http://www.courtroomwarrior.com/.

By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist, Page 1 Solutions