Want Your Ads To Stand Out?

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December 12, 2012

Through the cunning use of “keyword insertion” you can learn to standout among your competitors. Keyword insertion is best used within the ad title to help attract initial interest by the viewer, and allows you to show the viewer that the keyword they just did a search for is exactly what your advertising. With keyword insertion the ad title will display in bold, whatever keyword the user types in (provided that you are bidding on that keyword).


The third link down from the top in purple, this is an example of keyword insertion and how it stands out. NOTE: that ads only show up purple when the link has been clicked on and will not usually showup in purple.

But what if you want certain letters within your ad title to show up capitalized versus not? Well to accommodate almost any combination of upper case and lower case wording the search engines have provided ways of manipulating the keyword insertion feature. Here’s how:

{Keyword:Default ad Text} = Ppc marketing (capitalize first word)
{KeyWord:Default ad Text} = Ppc Marketing (capitalize first letter of each word)
{KEYWORD:Default ad Text} = PPC MARKETING (all caps)
{KEYWord:Default ad Text} = PPC Marketing (capitalize all of first word, and each first letter)
{KeyWORD:Default ad Text} = Ppc Marketing (capitalize all of last word, and each first letter)

Although keyword insertion is a good way of making your ads stand out, make sure before you use it in every ad that you look at what your competitor are doing in their ads. You will not stand out if all of your competitors are using keyword insertion in their ads. But if you use keyword insertion with care and make sure to change up ads often enough your ads will stand out among the crowd. And thats half the battle.