VIDEO: How Can Social Media Help My Online Marketing?

Internet Marketing for Attorneys, Surgeons, and Dentists

By Daniel Brophy, Social Media Specialist

Last summer we told you about the 5 traits of effective websites for law firms and medical practices. But now that you’ve built a website that meets the needs of your prospects and effectively represents your brand, how are people supposed to find you online?

A multi-channel digital marketing campaign encompasses many different strategies based on your needs, goals and where your potential clients reside online. One of the fastest-growing and most visible marketing channels that can help prospective clients start talking about you is social media.

I discuss opportunities for social media marketing in this video:

The popularity and proliferation of social media platforms have exploded in recent years. The size of the audience on these websites is matched only by the options for engaging them, from core demographics to style of communication to supported ad platforms.

Although the underlying tactics may vary, both organic social marketing and paid social advertising can enhance your ability to engage with your fans by answering questions, replying to comments, sharing industry news and promoting your specials and events. By embracing these marketing channels and combining enthusiasm with a well-honed marketing strategy, you can expand your reach to new social connections and get your name in front of prospective clients.

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